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Some reticent aliens.
When the Alpha Lights landed from planet Limelight,
there was still prejudice on the good Earth all right.
For the people made fun of their bubble-like hips
and laughed mockingly at their pink pillow-like lips.

(They had come from a world that was far off in space
  and had chosen New England for their landing place.
  But the green Alpha Lights would not utter a word;
  in strict silence they stayed with their voices unheard.)

Now their emerald eyes were indeed apropos
since, except for the lips, they were green head to toe.
They had landed atop a mall in Boston town,
yet the fire department had to get them down.

As they came down the ladder, the people all stared;
the big nose of the first Alpha Light quickly flared.
And his silver suit ripped to expose a green dick;
but a fireman gave him a safety pin quick.

There were many officials for alien greet;
also high ranking Army men on the main street.
It was like Close Encounters that everyone saw
and decorum was opted for, despite guffaw.

Since the sun was impeded by cloudy gray sky,
it stayed overcast cool with the rain standing by.
Then that Alpha Light Green Dick achieved an odd pose
when a small drop of water appeared on his nose.

There were many attempts to get green Lights to speak;
many teams toiled selflessly eight days a week.
They tried many inducements like baubles and beads,
and they tried some tequila and sunflower seeds.

Then somebody recalled a remarkable taste
and he opined to team Five and did so with haste.
“It’s the best frozen yogurt in Boston surround
and I think that perhaps the Lights may find it sound!”

The official in charge was impressed with the plan
and gave kudos and okays to the yogurt man.
Then he said, “We’ve tried everything, working till dawn,
but success is achieved when we keep going on.”

It became a success for the powers that were
due to strident resolve with a tenacious stir.
For since, “Never say never.” was the rationale,
the Lights spoke as if everyone there was a pal.

40 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
July 30, 2014

--emerald eyes
--safety pin
--drop of water
--best frozen yogurt
--”Never say never.”

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