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The very beginning
Josie Geller was a Copy Editor at the Chicago Sun Times. In fact, she was the youngest copy editor, ever. She loved her job. That is, she used to love her job. That was before last October, when she went to the Division Championships in New York to watch her favorite baseball team, the New York Mets, make their way to the World Series. Her heart had been broken in New York, but not her spirit. In fact, because of the time she spent in New York, with “him,” Josie had gained the confidence and courage to pursue her dream of being a reporter. She constantly presented story ideas to her editor, Gus, who LOVED her ideas…but unfortunately, assigned them to “real” reporters. But, Josie’s luck was about to turn. While sitting in a staff meeting, the owner, Rigfort, chose her to pose as a student in order to write an undercover story on “My Semester in High School.” Josie was thrilled! She eagerly shared her excitement with her best friend Anita, her boss, Gus, and even her little brother, Rob. Truth be told, there was one person she longed to share her news with. The one person who encouraged her and supported her and pushed her to pursue her dream of being a reporter. The one who broke her heart in New York.

It was the “first day of school.” Josie was very nervous. She and Anita had gone shopping earlier in the week to pick out a hip, trendy wardrobe. As Josie stood in her robe looking at the outfit Anita had chosen for today, Josie couldn’t help but panic. As clueless as she was of today’s fashion, she was pretty sure that an all white, feather-boaed ensemble was not what was happening. Desperately, she called the coolest person she new, her brother, Rob. Explaining her dilemma, Rob offered the following advice:

"Okay. Here's what you wear," said Rob. "Grab the tightest pair of jeans you have. Now, do you, have any plaid shirts?"

"Plaid? No, I don't think so." Josie responded.

"Hmmm...do you still have any of Dad's shirts that you used to sleep in?" Rob asked.

"Yes." Josie nodded.

"Great. Put one of those on. Take the front and tie it up in a knot around your waist. Leave a couple of the top buttons undone -- be daring."

Josie bit her lip, hesitating for a moment. "Okay...if you're sure."

"Yes, Josie, you'll look great." Rob enthused.

"Okay, thanks for the help, Rob."

Rob had always been cool, so she trusted his advice. She dug through her drawers and pulled out the clothes Rob had described. After tying the shirt at her waist she stepped back and looked in the mirror. She was a little uncomfortable with the amount of neckline that was showing, and was unsure about having her tummy exposed, but all in all, 'Not too bad' she thought to herself. She was ready for the day.
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