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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2002822
A poem about a psychotic murderer and what it feels like to murder innocent victims.
You are the faceless by-product of everything society hates
The world and the people in it teach you that you are nothing, your life is insignificant
However small you feel in life, nothing compares to slicing a throat with a knife
and watching the blood as it gushes out into a stream of crimson
Nothing compares to seeing the light fade from their eyes, their poor attempt at gasping for an agonized last breath,
their fear and cries for help or salvation
No one will hear them scream, they will not be saved because they are already damned
The darkness revels in the pain, suffering and misery it causes to the living
To destroy the innocence of humanity, the corruption of the minds, bodies and souls of the masses
It fills my soul with a sick glee, at the thought of killing another victim
In honour to the darkness, my friend, my saviour

Darkness dwells inside me and it wants to be set free, to kill and murder innocent humans
It creeps out in the dark and picks a new victim, a faceless mound of flesh
It washes over me unexpectedly, it always greets me with a smile
like an old friend long forgotten
When everything else in the world is dead and rotten, he'll shall prevail on earth, in the mind, body and souls of the believers,
Satan's children of the night, Satan's children of darkness
My dear old friend knows I miss thee and will rejoice in the slaughter of the unworthy, the deceivers

All the characteristics that I try to suppress, rise to the surface, they take over and I lose control of my inhibitions
My urges fall back into place like a separate personality, a state of mind not unlike my own
I just like this one better, it seems to fit well, like a new meat suit for a demon
A vessel for the unholy alliance, satan in the flesh, the tempter, corrupter, devouring innocent flesh
There is freedom in anonymity, if you are alone you are free to as you wish
Unseen and unknown to the outside world, free from judgement, or guilt and torment
Only after I have killed does the anxious, restless need dissipate, the devil is satisfied with the bloodlust
He is satiated by the lust of his children, their dark communions with their dark lord and father and his legion of demons
We pledge our alligance to you, dark lord of the pit, father of darkness, embodiment of sin and lust
When I am covered in blood I feel satisfied, I feel at peace, euphoria
I am comforted by my dark companion who will appreciate and listen to my weary woes
The darkness comforts and cloaks me in a blanket of protection, telepathically praising my actions
It soothes the dull ache of banality in my life
However it will never cure my need to feel, to love one oh so deserving of me
To feel the blood rushing from your veins, and spilling into a dark corner
To love me is to surrender everything that you are as person
Forget your ideals serve unto me, serve your true father of darkness, for he shall arrive on a tidal wave of sin and lust
Never betray me, by severing your eternal loyalty, pledge your allegiance in blood
My devotion to all forms of suffering, is what I live for and cannot live without

Nothing is more final than your life slowly slipping away, into the dark abyss
Blood spilling into open drains, concealing all the secrets of my dark deeds
It takes time and patience to study your prey and kill them with precision
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