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things start to heat up in a desperate race againt time to free the remaining gods.
legacy of nira chapter 4 the untamed

theron[narration]previously on legacy of nira.....
*show clips from episode 1-3*

theron[narration]-and now young travler,we continue our tale...

theron[naration]-it was about a week after balgon passed away...all of us were still greiving the loss of a friend.

*camera cuts to malgon and young theron fighting.*

young theron-focus your strikes,malgon.

malgon-right.*dashes in and attacks.young therons dagger flies in the air*

young theron-youre getting better at this malgon. *catches dagger and puts it away*

malgon-thanks.*sheaths his sword*i hope i didnt hurt you theron.i still want to know how to counter block better.

serinah[in background]-damn it paroth im bored!

young theron-maybe later.lets get something to eat and....huh?whats going on over there?

-camera cuts to serinah and paroth-

paroth-we all agreed to go to the next location when theron believes malgon is capable of fighting.

serinah-screw what arnatule said,i want to go fight something!i want to find the rest of those cultists and-

paroth-i know woman,but there wll be a time for that later.

serinah-when paroth?im turning into an old prune in fifty years!i dont think well get there by then!

*jennessa and arnatule walks up behind serinah*

arnatule-serinah,please calm down.all of us feel the same way but we want to make sure malgons ready.

jennessa-shes right you know...malgon can gain better fighting experiances if he were to travel...maybe a few tavren fights to get him some practice?

serinah-well for once we agree on something this whole week.

*jennessa and serinah give a mean stare to arnatule and paroth*

jenessa and serinah-pack up camp damn it!

young theron-*sigh*thank goodness siren would take my-

goddess siren-theron baby im bored too...can we go to a village?i think ive grown roots in my flute just out of bordem.

young theron-hey how did you...

goddess siren-malgon mistook me for a normal flute.so can we go?pllleeeeeaaaassseee?

young theron-fine.ill teach malgon what i know along the way.*looks at malgon*

malgon-what?*shrugs his shoulders*i was bored last night while gaurding everyone.shes an intresting woman for a goddess.

theron[narration]-it seemed that the women craved adventure while the men were more focused on other concerns.

-camera cuts to paroth and arnatule packing up camp-

paroth-arnatule,im sorry if ive made you feel uneasy the past while.balgons death shook us all up.in a sence he could have been an ally for our future kingdom....now im not so sure.

arnatule-i was about to ask why youve been so quiet.i didnt think of it like that.i actually felt balgon was more or less a sole warrior who helped us...not a whole nation.

paroth-well...your wrong.remember how they drove off the huns?its just how we felt about it that may have made us distant.you think about the now...i think about trying to restore whats lost to whats left of my tribes.

arnatule-youre right...and for that my ignorance in the matter is uncalled for.im sorry paroth.if we make it through this,remind me to send ambassadors to the dwarven realm to establish peace.

*paroth nods while pointing to a rope.arnatule pulls it loose.camera switches to young theron and malgon.*

malgon-its good to have something of balgons around.its not much but...*whistles for a horse and a wagon pulls up with a wolf on it*his old wolf in his calvary unit was given to me.hes strong as an ox.

young theron-yeah...

malgon-whats wrong theron?

young theron-im just thinking is all...im hoping the next place we go to isnt dangerous like last time.

malgon-im sure with the training you gave me ill at least distract them.

young theron-*chuckles*just be careful. a loss on our side shook us up pretty bad...

malgon-dont worry.untill my trainings done ill stick close and learn.

-camera cuts to the untamed capitol-

theron[narration]-meanwhile in a secluded city,a new race prepares for war.

*camera stays still while a giant cat like foot jumpsoff of a tree branch.camera pans out to show several animal like creatures surround the huns.*

*volnomus and his army are unaware of the enemy movement.a few hunic warriors look around but dont spot them.*

*one cat like creature signals the attack as several untamed begin fighting the huns.camera chases the cat person to the capitol. the camera zooms out for a moment and reveals entire city of the untamed in a wooden wall.cue word prompt for 'Garwood,city of the untamed'camera cuts to cat human and kneels before a lion humanoid.*

Brightclaw-my king,we are giving them hit and run tactics by way of the shadow,but they presist to come to our front line.what shall we do cheiftain?

silver fang-evacuate the women and children to saftey.any man of age who is permited to fight will assemble the front lines.those not of age are charged with defence of the evacuation.

Brightclaw-yes my king.it will be done.

silver fang-brother....be safe.weve lost many to these invaders and we must push them back somehow.

Brightclaw-i know silver fang.im used to calling you king to our realm but youre still my elder brother.

silver fang-ill stay behind and fight with the men,if i die,warn the other untamed tribes.

Brightclaw-on a more intresting note brother i caught a man spying on us.he claims to be from some cult that was nearly destroyed by these men.

silver fang-hmm...maybe we can use that to our leverage.send for out romain allies and tell them that barbarians are at our going to attack us.wait untill they thin their numbers to attack from multipue fronts.

brightclaw-what are you thinking?

silver fang- the enemy of our enemy is our ally for now,but we will soon stab all barbarians in the back then to let them rule.send a detachment down to negoiate with this so called cult.we will trick them into fighting each other.then we will attack on both fronts and crush them.we want the romans to cover their retreat.have our allied general do so.

*camera cuts to the heroes traveling in their new carrage.a scout from the hunters guild runs up to the carrage and looks at malgon.*

scout-excuse me,i was told to seek out someone.her name is jennessa,shes from a village called elkridge.do you know her?

*jennessa crawls to the front and looks at him*

jennessa-yes how can i help you?

scout-i was told to inform you that luminus is now building a shrine and a wall for our village.in addition ruomers are abound that cultist remnants are actively seeking the huns.they still believe the huns wiped them out instead of a revolt.

jennessa-good then.it will buy time to prepare for any counter attack.tell father were headed to another location and will be out of contact untill we return from our mission.should he wish it send for some scouts to keep track of us.

scout-will do,and he instructed to give you this suit of armor to help you on your travels.*gives the armor and then rides off*

jennessa-thats father for you.always protective.

malgon-hmm,just be sure to make it back to tell him thanks eh?

*camera follows jennessa into the carrage where the others are seen resting.jennessa nudges arnatule awake*

arnatule-*yawn*hmm?whats wrong jennessa?

jennessa-nothing.father gave me a gift and thought i should open it with you.-sits next to him and uncovers the armor hidden under the cloth-

arnatule-wow....ive never seen this kind of armor.

jennessa-*surprised tone of voice*nor did ever in my lifetime i expected to see it.this is the armor of a hero i admired as a youth.father always said that when he felt ive become a huntress that hed give something to me...now i see.-smiles as a single tear falls out of her eyes.-i feel my very soul was ment to have this.

arnatule-care to share the story behind that armor?-smiles and kisses her-

jennessa-it was that of a heroine by the name delyania.in her youth she loved music and admired an elven prince.the love was thought to be forbidden by many,and throughout the years she rose to glory by slaying a dragon with her bow and arrows alone.so great was her admiration for the prince she crafted this armor from the bones and scales of the dragon she counqured.so overwheled was the prince at her beauty as a huntress,that they created the first half elven born child ever conceived.they married,started the first hunters guild,and founded the villages outlying elkridge.

arnatule-well ya never needed that when we met...things seemed to connect us that way.

jennessa-yes...i know.-kisses him.-by giving me this my father was sure t help me regain a part of myself...a part of the region i was raised in.

young theron-i heard the whole thing.-camera cuts to young theron-i helped him find the resting place of your hero.that was when i met your father.

jennessa-if thats the case theron i owe you this.-hugs him then goes back to arnatule-

theron [narration]-it was some time before reached the untamed,but when we finally got there things were hectic.

*camera cuts to a distaint hill as the heroes exit the carrage to sounds of a nearby battle.*

paroth-i swore i heard something coming from over there.

arnatule-look....thats why.

*camera cuts to a battlefeild of huns fighting luminus cult remanants*

young theron-well this is unexpected.look over there,they dont realize that another army is gathering.-points-

*camera pans out to see army of untamed rush in*

serinah-hey....arent these the animal like humans pyros mentioned?why are they aiding the cultists?

arnatule-no idea but if we are to adress their leadership we need to be careful.


*camera pans to see a second army of untamed rush behind the hunic army.*

young theron-impressive.it seems as if they wanted to fight them both so they split the troops.it seems they want to fight them both.notice how theres no archers.

paroth-therons right.whatever their reason,we have to wait till the battle is over so we can travel safely.

malgon-i disagree,i want some action.


young theron-not yet friend.-holds malgons shoulder-but soon.i promise.

*camera cuts to a 5 minute battle sequence.the hunic army is forced to fall back while many cultists are fighting both the hunic army and the untamed.*

silver fang-drive them out of our lands!this land must not fall!

*camera zooms in on several hunics fighting untamed as the camera pans to see cultists and huns fighting each other only to break combat and fight the untamed.several untamed unsheathe their claws while a feral wolf untamed howls and attacks hunic troops.a bear humoniod untamed slaps a hunic out the way as it fights alongside the wolf.the scene comes to a conclusion with both the huns and luminus remanants decide to fall back togeather.*

*distaint war horn,camera cuts to men on battlefeild looking around,volnumus is seen killing a cultist.*

volnumous:that horn...-runs-all troops regroup!i know that horn!

*camera cuts to the heros looking on.*

young theron-what was that war horn?

paroth-well ill be damnded,i know that horn from my youth.threee.....two....one....

-camera cuts to an entire roaman legion charging in-

paroth-take a good look everyone,a worthy foe for the hunic horde.

malgon-who are they?

young theron-the roman nation.

*romans are seen fighting the cultists while the huns fight the untamed.the huns start breaking off from the battle and flee while both the untamed and the romans wipe out the cultists*

paroth-i remember stories of how other tribes of the sarmations were forced into service to fight for rome in exchange for the empire giving land back to us.the tribes as a whole never liked them.but at least king acturius made a name for himself this way.

young theron-so i heard.i once visited the roman capitol.i met a few sarmations whom were forced into service.never knew what happend to them.but roumers of one sarmation was in the court of acturius and his knights.

-camera cuts to paning view of the battlefeild as romans and untamed start hauling off prisoners of war. silver fang is standing in front of a roman general.-

silver fang-this is the third time in a row your troops are late to the party general.our alliance is fragile enough without you worsening our ranks.-knocks the general out-bring him before the king before anyone notices.-two untamed cat humanoids haul off the general by jumping into the trees and disappearing.-time to return to the capitol.all untamed,regroup and head home.

-camera cuts to view the untamed and roamans parting ways.camera cuts back to a roman legionare approaching silver claw-

legionare-lord silver fang,we have not found the general.have you seen him?

silver claw-im sorry,but your general died in combat.i saw it happen.a rock from a trebuchet smashed him to peices.looks like youll have to find whos next in command.-walks off as heroes are seen in their carrage following at a distance-

*camera cuts to the untamed city as the heroes approach the main gate.*

young theron-do you think anyones here?

*three untamed wolf men jump in front of the heroes.one of them approaches*

paroth-*muttering*you and your big mouth.they look creepy up close.

untamed gaurd-*snarl* halt,human.city is closed to travelers.only people seeking official buisness with the high king may enter.

serinah-master warrior,we are travellers seeking an audiance by the high king of these lands.may we pass?

untamed gaurd-we will send word but under two conditions.firstly you will agree to be watched and tracked at all times.meaning you will be escorted as prisoners as a precaution.relenquish your wepons and ill send word.

serinah-guys do as they say,we dont want trouble.whats the other requirement?

*the heroes remove thier weponry*

untamed gaurd-due to recent events with the city being under the threat of invasion,you are to wear these tags should the enemy attack.these will identify you should something bad happen during our evacuation.

serinah-i didnt know things were so serious here.very well we will agree to your terms,but i ask that our wepons be given back if needed to defend ourselves.

untamed gaurd-hmm,spirited ones are you?very well.ill see to it personally that i escort you.

*camera cuts to the throne room with everyone present*

bright claw-presenting our lord and high king,silver fang.

silverfang-*sits on his throne* so i hear youve been looking for me.these are dark times travelers,so please be breif and to the point.

paroth-milord,while we were travelling we were searching for gods that possess power to eleminate the hunic horde.

serinah-upon freeing them they explain to us whom may have the wisdom or at least a clue.

young theron-these huns wont stop at nothing untill an entire race is nearly extinct.they may outnumber us by thousands to one but with your help we can defeat them.

silver fang-and even if i didnt know these clues,are you a band of sellswords?

malgon-no your majesty.were simply warriors seeking vengance.

silver fang-*purr*a strong motive.but do you lack the courage to pass a trail?

paroth-if i can take a guess you want us to do something in exchange for the information you seek.

silver fang-*nods*as we speak skirmishes break out in our lands and we are attempting to evacuate all the women and children come daybreak.i need someone experianced to help escort them safely in case a stray band of enemies decide to attack.the objective is to bring them two days west of here.theres a trade outpost that has volenteered their services to ship the women and children to another capitol city of the untamed.there they may struggle but endure till we can win this.

serinah-sounds like a noble goal.malgon,ready for that fight?

malgon-lets see if im ready.

young theron-ive been waiting for a little payback.

paroth-me too.

jennessa-just dont let me catch you slacking,paroth.ill convince arnatule to shoot you in the arse.

serinah-*laughing*good one.ill tend to the healing.hehe.

arnatule-*rolls eyes*riight.

silver fang-then if you succeed,ill make sure the information is given to you.

*camera cuts to forest view with a single road.camera pans to see a long trail of children and women untamed following the heroes-

paroth-so far so good,only one day left to travel.

young theron-*camera pans out to a large scale caravan*i cant believe that we were asked to escort this many civillians.

malgon-im not sure if you noticed but it looks like the male children are armed.things must be desperate.should we rest here?

serinah-*camera cuts to infront of the heroes*no malgon.we keep moving.

paroth-*lifts up his hand,everyone stops*did you hear that?sounded like a twig in the distance.

malgon-and i smell smoke.

*camera cuts to the nearby brush as cultists leap out and attack,the male children untamed line up to defend their carrages while the heroes bravely fight them off.camera cuts to several untamed fighting the cultists and winning.*

paroth-*surprised reaction*well looks like we had help after all.they know what they are doing.*signals the caravan to move*come serinah,we might need to pick up the pace.

*camera cuts to a portside town as the caravan takes off*

paroth-well we did it.is everyone accounted for?

young theron-yes.the problem is is that a mother claims to have lost her son and wishes to go back.

serinah-let her go.we cant force it upon her.

paroth-agreed.lets hurry back and report to the high king.

*heroes are seen waking away but in the background you see a female untamed weeping over a dead untamed.camera cuts back to the throne room*

theron[narration]-after a hasty return we completed our task but we were too late.

*camera zooms out to view the city under attack.there is a breach in the wall as hunic troops run in.a wounded untamed warrior is seen running outside,quickly approaching*

injured untamed-you there,you match the discription.hurry,take this map.the king will explain everythng when you arrive.

*gives paroth a map and is suddenly killed by a cultist.malgon quickly throws a knife at the cultist,killing him instantly*

serinah-lets go!everyone cover me while i read the map!

*camera faces the heroes as they run while hacking thrught enemy troops while serinah opens the map.*

serinah-*closes map then grabs her wepons and fights*this way!

*camera zooms then pans to a nearby pond*

paoth-the map led us to a dead end?

silver fang-no*camera turns to him approaching from behind*beneath this pond is a hidden temple to what we belive is a god.we rarely allow outsiders in,but given what you told me....ill let you pass.*roars as he takes a staff and slams it into the pond.the water parts in two and reveals a stairway.*go.do what you must do.and thank you for aiding my people.we know of another temple,but sadly its under control of the enemy.when we muster our strength come back to us and we will show the way.for no ill join my men in the fight.

serinah-thank you.and good luck milord.

*silver fang jumps off screen as the heroes proceed into the temple.a beautiful dragon statue with a chain wrapped around its talons is in view*

malgon-so i take it this is what were after right?

young theron-appears so.arnatule?

*arnatule nods and proceeds to break the chains with the lifegiver sword.suddenly the statue comes crashing down*

serinah-everyone get back!

*everyone gets behind a pillar for cover while jennessa pulls arnatule away*

jennessa-remember you owe me a night with you for this,hehe.

arnatule-*blinks and blushes*relax woman.ill put that on my to do list.*looks*so what the heck happend?

young theron-looks like it was booby trapped.

malgon-that or it opened a way.look.*points as the camera shows more stairs*

arnatule-well...good eye malgon.

*heroes walk down stairs and enter a chamber where a sleeping dragon awaits.it looks exactly like the dragon statue*

arnatule-this is what we came here for.*camera cuts to a single chain around the dragons neck.*

*temple rumbles as the dragon wakes*

aquillis-i am aquillis,water god of the new era.i thank you for freeing me.

*everyone kneels*

serinah-great and mighty aquillis,we come on behalf of nira,goddess of earth.she is reuniting the new age of gods for our people.we ask you join her side and aid us against our enemies so we may have peace.

aquillis-i understand your plea,but i have one request.im not the only water god.ive kept my child hidden.*part of aquillis moves away to reveal another statue.*this is proteus,the ruler of matter.we are symbyotic by nature,but rules as my gaurdian.

*arnatule nods and cuts the chains off proteus as he comes to life.*

aquillis-come proteus,its time.

proteus-*awakens and then climbs on the head of aquillies,seated upon a small saddle.*finally,papa were free!

aquillis-ill take you to the surface,and from there we will meet with nira.

paroth-do you know of any others who can aid us?

aquillis-i know of two,but i must warn you of the god you may seek.theres one nearby,but hes an evil god of shadows.i urge you to prevent it from being freed.

*camera pans as aquillis continues*

aquillis-back before the age of gods had ended,the one you call nira was deeply in love with the shadow god.his name is danakodas,or in your tounge,dante.dante killed hades for not allowing him to rule as a garudian.the plains of death were shattered untill we can bring balance in our fortold coming.angered by his actions,nira disowned him and personally sealed him away with zeus.he was the first of us to be sealed,but would be considered a threat to the mortal realm.

*the heroes look at each other with concern of this information.*

young theron-we came across a species of creature like humanoids who aided us here but they claim their forces cant reach the other temple.

aquillis-*camera zoom on face*hmmm this is troubling news,but there is yet hope if you heed my instruction.there is a floating island contaning the wind god Gustis.*rips an inscription off the wall*here is his location.*gives it to the heroes*once you free him we can unite to stop dante from awakening.

serinah-*looks at the stone given to the heroes*according to this.....*gasp*its....its...*starts crying*

paroth-whats wrong serinah?

serinah-its near our old home paroth....remember that island that is always visible in the moonlight?

paroth-well...thats definately unexpected.but how do we get there?no doubt there might be sragglers from the horde.

arnaule-i have an idea.well go back to my village and aquire a few creatures we know that can fly and support human wheight.they can fly for short distances,so we will need to walk them to the point.

serinah-and youre sure it will work?


aquillis-or i can use my awakened power to bring you there personally.

arnatule-....aw but i wanted to get my favorate creature and ride it.ah well.

paroth-i preferr the quicker soluton.the sooner we get there the better.the untamed are counting on us.

aquillis-then go with my blessing.-eyes glow blue and a light flashesto cue the cliffhanger-

*no sound,camera cuts to volnomus fighting a cultist,camera is locked in place while cultist spins around volnomus to reveal its archangel with scars on his chest and face holding balgon's wepons*

*episode end*
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