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Rated: 13+ · Sample · Horror/Scary · #2002865
In the mid-1960's, an unknown creature torments a family in a small town.
        Without shutting the car off, Jack just sat there in the driveway with the high beams shining brightly on the house. Jack saw something move in the shadows; something tall. Whatever it was that Jack had seen was moving slowly toward him. Jack sat there watching as this creature got closer. He was too afraid to move out of the car and run in the house. The thing was now standing, or at least Jack thought it was, right next to the Dart and Jack could have sworn it was smiling at him. The driver's side window shattered as the thing swung its arm into it. Jack couldn't make out why this creature was reaching for the seat belt. The seat belt came undone and the creature pulled Jack out of the car.

        A few moments later, Jack's wife ran outside to see why the car was still running. She ran over to the driver's side door and noticed the broken glass everywhere. "Jack?" she yelled wondering where Jack had gone. There was no answer. "Jack?!" she cried. Suddenly Jack came from around the corner of the house all banged up. "Jack, what happened?!"

        He kept walking toward her and suddenly, he collapsed flat onto his face in the browning lawn.
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