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A mouse living in a house where there's a cat makes his daring escape to freedom...
The Mouse's Escape

         The mouse looked out from his hole in the wall. The cat was nowhere in sight. The mouse knew this might be his only chance to escape with his life. He took a deep breath and ran. He ran with all his might, tiny feet scurrying across the floor. He moved towards the door, hoping that the cat wouldn't jump out and eat him. All he wanted was his freedom!
         The door opened and there was a scream. The mouse dove under the sofa as the little girl who lived in the house cried in fear.
         Her father bent down and tried to grab the mouse, but the mouse was too quick. He bit the man's finger and ran off again. He was determined to make it through the door; if he failed now he would die for sure. The little girl screamed louder when she saw the mouse again. This time, the man screamed as well, his voice booming with anger as he dove down to catch the mouse.
         The mouse was lucky though. He made it out the door before the man could get him.
         He didn't stop running though. The cat was there, yellow and fierce and mean. The mouse darted for a bush in the front yard, hoping to lose the cat. The cat, however, had other ideas. She followed him under the bush, but the mouse's will to survive was strong; it made him clever.
         He scurried into the rain gutter, knowing it was too narrow for the cat to follow. The cat stuck her paw into the gutter, trying to fish out the mouse.
         The only path to survival now was upward, so the mouse climbed. The rain gutter was full of mud and leaves and small sticks, so it was a difficult climb and the mouse was very careful. He nearly fell a few times, but finally he made it to the top and climbed out.
         A bird swooped down, grabbing at the mouse with his talons. The mouse ran back into the safety of the gutter with a squeak. He waited there until nightfall.
         When it was dark, the mouse crept back down the gutter. Once at the bottom, he scanned the area for the cat, or any other threats. Seeing nothing but bugs, he ran out. He kept close to the house as he made his way along the edge of it. Then, with a gulp, he scurried off into the night and away from those who would do him harm.
         He was finally, truly, free.

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