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Harry Potter fanfiction: Hermione and Ginny 18+ only
Hermione's golden eyes were staring at the orange sun through Ginny's bedroom window.
'I love sunsets here in Ottery St. Catchpole,' she whispered.
'Why?' Ginny asked, turning her eyes to the sun.
Hermione sighed. 'They're so romantic.' She said.
Ginny looked at her.
'As for romance, I haven't asked you about the situation between you and my idiot brother.'
Hermione looked at Ginny.
'Why?' She asked. 'There's nothing between me and Ron.'
'How not. You can't lie to me, 'Mione, I know very well you like him.
Hermione sighed.
'Yeah, you're right, Gin. The truth is that I still hope this year will be better, and maybe I'll have my chance with him.'
'Maybe,' Ginny whispered.
There was a moment of silence.
'I haven't told you something,' Ginny said, 'And I don't know what you'll think about this.'
'Go on,' Hermione said. Her face was covered in orange light.
'I…' Ginny started.
Hermione focused her eyes on her.
'I… I lost my virginity to Michael.'
Hermione gasped.
'When?' She asked her best friend.
'Halloween last year. In a broom cupboard.'
Hermione was worried.
'Did that happen only once?' she asked Ginny.
'No…. I happened quite a few times. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.'
'But you were 14…'
'I know.'
'Was he any good?'
Ginny giggled.
'He was very, very good, most of the time. Unfortunately he wasn't the only person I've had sex with.'
'WHAT?' Hermione yelled.
'Well… I've also had a lesbian meeting with Rebecca Smith, my year in Hufflepuff.'
'You have to be kidding.'
'I'm not. And now I'm always horny.'
Hermione knew that. Once, she had walked in Ginny masturbating with her wand in her bedroom.
'I know that,' Hermione said, making Ginny laugh.
The redhead got up in her feet and sat in Hermione's bed, near her.
'I want another lesbian meeting,' she whispered in Hermione's ear.
Hermione started blushing.
'Oh yeah?' she asked Ginny nervously.
'Yeah,' Ginny said, smirking.
When she saw that Hermione didn't do anything, Ginny started talking again.
'I know you want me,' she whispered to Hermione.
'I… I… you're wrong Gin, I-'
'You're a terrible liar, 'Mione.'
Hermione became red.
'I don't know how to do it-'
'There's nothing to know. Just follow me,' Ginny said.
She started kissing Hermione slowly. Her tongue danced on the brown haired girl's. After a while Hermione was doing the same.
Ginny ran her hands from Hermione's hair, to her back and then stoped in the end of her shirt. She removed Hermione's shirt, breaking the kiss for a moment, but then they lip-locked again.
Slowly they were only in their bras and panties. Ginny pushed Hermione to lie on her bed, and came on top of her. Hermione's hands ran on Ginny's back, and removed her bra.
Ginny's huge tits fell on Hermione's face. Hermione started licking and kissing them, making Gunny moan softly.
'Wait,' Ginny said. She got up, turned her back in Hermione, grabbed her wand and whispered 'Muffliato' towards the door. She threw her wand on her own bed, and turned to face a topless Hermione .
Ginny smirked. 'Bad girl, Hermione,' she said, and then went to kiss Hermione's nipples.
Hermione then put her fingers inside Ginny's panties.
'Why struggle?' Ginny asked. She removed her own panties, allowing Hermione's fingers to move freely inside her.
'Ohh,' moaned Ginny,'yeah, Hermione…'
Hermione moved abruptly
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