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waves1, a poem


Graciously appointed for appendectomy times like these,

the singing songs of a Bavarian oaf stomaching gulag stars go nuts over busy bonko wonko MCs spending thrift overseas cream and milk sugar dander to those dancing under silverback cars trembling refuge under saintly stars pouring hands reaching into the vast porgablis of the nylon darkness entreating for another dose of laptop hysteria graded those who can talk the flavorful vision of abodes and constant wrackery of can you get those? This is forgetful luck locket in a wisdom, few gods give the meter of time to the sown sickness of self-conceived brutality, raining hellfire and fees upon the vengeful living and appraised heart warms the secrets of the quintessential taxonomy of bestial tendencies, wherein febrile things coincide with growth hormones and cortex anomalies gandering the rose off the pendulum swing of the granary mode remising that the highest form of bliss is courtesy staked with rhythm;

Showdown, glimmering sun afternoon dipping shadows creating feeble feedback into the skulls and sons and minds of the willing volatile voluntary fallen vaguely wishing contractually obligated victims of despaire have hope give hair crisis in the Middle East there are those who would put the pieces of the puzzle back together but red wolf fallen into the cauldron slain he is no white rabbit tangling in the doom brush gripping insane folding wishes capitalizing gary green goes forth talking taco bell liaisons over the nations steaming pile of dung gone wrong ocean filth vagaries dealt handmade thought fix bind weave spells are words too why not believe in the power of words declaratory bend gavel speech propensity for resolve stand up stand down gain ground do you know cause feel bras penumbra the Ultimate careless whisper unending feasibility dangerous method for grounded disciples and disciplines who know the cost that must be paid to stage Great demise is all the past which in turn lead to perfection in the future sage-like qualities  giving over to sentient dismay have that you I've had it with you take it all it's a rap for in all in all He is

Gary Green going downtown Zumba Island key is in the state I'll fracture granted dispose granted disparities granted velocity granted this law cities so you see there is trials in pain in files and clippings there is nothing worse than sitting in those office towers high up in the sky can download into your own shame claiming incline in throbbing in your own dissentience and dissension flower is the brain Brain is the future star brave the future stars brave the future scars much money much paid grieving widow hanging Down the slope littered with stars ash cans and ashtrays smoking hysteria bleeding traders and gray wastelands into the area into the filth into the shade into the grays mediocre discipline founded on it is gracious to be saved Cosmic syringe bloodshot stairwell greetings farewell party lands grandeur and garden practice softly Gino death warrant garish Paris studio party distinguished the velvet that is a typhoon wondering grazing for phoning through the yard years helpless before the coming moonlight spilling before the garage mirage forms of the Harsh Wings God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2003086