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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2003110
A brief collaboration..
      The President sits in the oval office. His closest advisers are with him.
      The meeting has spanned middle eastern conflicts and the Russian invasion
      of the Ukraine . There is a still tension. "How can I tell the American people
      we are no longer a sovereign country?" The President's eyes widened as he
      searched the room for an answer.

      A slender gray creature leaned forward over the President's shoulder.
      "You don't have to tell them." the gray creature whispered. The President
      shivered and signed a declaration of succession to the alien invaders.
      "You will deconstruct your weapons of mass destruction.
      You will reduce your industrial pollution.
      You will open your borders to the North American Union.
      Your civilian population will be disarmed of any firearms.
      All natural recourses will be coordinated through our Moon base."
      The grey creatures voice crackled like dry leaves.

      "How? Do you expect me to tare our constitution to ribbons?" the President

      "Create a national emergency and instate marshal law.
      What difference does it make?
      We cannot allow you to continue to poison your planet.
      We will not allow a nuclear war." the gray creature whispered.

      "Oh, God. Let the middle east burn.
        The CIA has been planning to flip Iraq for a war with Iran.
        I guess we could use that to instate marshal law.. Terrorist in our backyard?"
        The President's adviser Pierce Morgan said...and swallowed a gin.

        "That will do." the grey creature whispered.
        Its large blacks eyes reflected the President's appalled expression :
        "If you try to take American's guns it will be 1776 all over again."
        "Mr. President the federal government has the resources to suppress
        any band of rebels. This is 2016 not 1776." Pierce Morgan retorted
        and patted the knee of the President.

        "Lets hope none of those law abiding citizens have weapons of mass destruction."
        The President's words chilled the room.
        The grey creature bowed and vanished into the shadows...

        Reflections: So passes the glories of this world.

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