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Experiencing life through the eyes of Bella the dog.

Word count: 854


I hear the nice two legged calling me again. Getting up from my nap I saunter over to him. He is sitting on the stairs wanting to put that annoying thing on my neck. I really hate having it on. Although I do love to go for a walk, I do not understand the purpose of why the two legged's think this is necessary.

"Come here Bella. I have to put this on you so Racheal can take you for a walk," the tall two legged says. He snaps the collar on me and someone else picks up the leash. The one he calls Racheal is taking me, this is going to be fun.

Racheal opens the wall for me so I can walk through to the outside. Fresh air smells so good and the aroma of smells mixed in is heaven. Two legged Racheal takes me up the street towards the house where there is always a friend to play with. I see him there so small and weak. I am the opposite, strong and solid. Attempting to walk in that direction, the two legged is trying to hold me back from my fun. There is something I know that Racheal does not, I am stronger. Leaping like a bat out of hell I go in for my target. The two legged does not stand a chance of holding me back this time. It has been a while and I am hungry for the chase. I leap towards the small creature only to feel myself being yanked at the throat and the two legged saying, "Bella, come back here. Leave that squirrel alone."

That little black furry creature is called squirrel. I just wanted to play with him. These two legged creatures have some strange ideas. In the distance I spot another two legged walking towards us. He is eating a scrumptious sandwich. I can smell meat. I love meat. As the other two legged gets closer I jump in the air and catch the sandwich in my mouth. The expression on the two legged's face is full of shock about what just happened. It does not take long for me to eat the scrumptious sandwich.

"Give me back my sandwich you lousy mutt," the two legged walks toward me with a scowl on his face.

My two legged pulls me away from the angry meat man. She says, "Bella that wasn't very nice." Racheal stands in front of me and faces the sandwich man and says, "I am so sorry my dog ate your sandwich."

"You are gonna pay..."

My two legged Racheal is done dealing with this angry man. We walk past him and all I see is his fist in the air and some noise coming out if his mouth. I do not understand. The sandwich was very good and it had that orange stuff I really like with the meat. We are almost at the brown place where I get to eat the balls. I love this place. Racheal looks at Bella and says, "We are almost at the Java Hut. Be a good girl and wait for me to come out. I will bring you a treat."

Yes I love treats from here. Balls of goodness. Jumping up on Rachael with my dog grin and my tongue hanging out. I am already thanking her for the treat I know is coming. Rachael pushes me down and goes in the brown box. Looking through hole in the wall I can see my two legged friend. It seems to take a while for her to come out.

As soon as she comes toward me I know she has my treat. Before giving me a treat Racheal says, "Bella give me your paw." I am very familiar with this ritual and it is done a couple of ways before I get my treat. Such a fun and silly game. I am a sucker for treats. Playing along with the ritual, I give my paw. Then Rachael says, "Other paw." She has her hand out for my other paw and I give it to her. Racheal puts her hand up and says, "Give me high five." I finish the ritual with jumping up and giving my two legged friend a high five. After all this I will get my treat. Racheal has doggy treat size donut balls made for dogs and hands it to me. I snatch it up and eat it. Looking up at her I am pleading in my head that she has another one.

"Ok. Bella, one more trick." Rachael walks toward me with her fingers in a strange position and says, "Bang! You're dead!" I lie down and have to be still without moving at all. There is a pause then Rachael says, "You're alive!" Then I get up and get my treat. This last trick has always seemed odd to me and I only do it for the treat. I think the two legged has more fun than me doing these tricks. Too bad they do not get a reward. "Come on Bella. Let's go home."

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