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Rated: E · Poetry · Friendship · #2003209
An allegorical tribute to a friendship I hold dear.
The Sea Snake King
and the Privateer Prince
ne’er were two men less the same

Once, the King and the Prince
were of the same court
until the Queen
she was lost
she was gone

The Sea Snake King
took to his throne
a fair man
a gentleman
yet strong

While the Privateer Prince
led on his hoard
on his quests
and his best
flights of fancy

Now the Prince wore a mask
and ne’er would he ask
simply taking
what booty
he could filch

Yet when he found that the King
stood in his way
the Prince bowed politely to say
“Good Sir,
your permission I beg.”

Though the King held his turf
he ne’er begrudged this young serf
oft replying
“By all means
carry on.”

So the Prince kept wide berth
of displeasing the King
even though
he was not of his court

And so as it goes
the Prince, he fought on
by grit, by guile, and by gall

Yet the Privateer Prince
with his hoard and his quests
was friend
to the Sea Snake King

Thus, it was the King whom he trusted
above all

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