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There's some secrets you find out only after marrying the person you love.....

I and Declan, my husband to be we're very happy. We were getting married after our three years of dating period. During those three he never brought up the topic of sex once during our conversations. Which in fact felt weird because sex is something guys loves a lot. Nevertheless, I was happy that my first time would be on my wedding night. We had to wait for almost three years.

On the day of our wedding my parents were very happy. For them, Declan was the perfect gentleman they always wanted for me, their loving daughter.

I knew why they felt that way for Declan. During our three years of dating, we went through a lot of up and downs, but he never complained and we both faced everything together. He won the hearts of my parents in the process.

The marriage took place in a quite ceremony, behind Declan's ancestral home. There were very few guests from both the sides with only very close relatives only.

The aisle and the area was all covered and decorated with white and blue flowers. Declan looked handsome in his attire compared to me. At least that was my thoughts for him, walking down the aisle. We said our vows in front of everyone followed by our 'I do', and kissed to seal our union under God's blessings.

Declan's parents died when he was eighteen, so his uncle made all the arrangements for our wedding night. We went straight to our suite in the biggest hotel in our residency. And God knows how nervous I was, about our first night.

Locking the door of our suite, Declan took me in his arms and kissed me with a deep one.

"I'm feeling exhausted, so why don't we leave our consummation for some other time?" said Declan.

It was a little heart breaking but I knew he was trying to be practical. I didn't say anything and after changing our attire we went to sleep.

In the morning I felt a ticklish sensation on my breasts. I opened my eyes and found Declan playing with my breasts. I got the idea of his. We went down to our business and did it with our clothes on.

It got over so quickly. It didn't felt like sex at all. It wasn't even close to what I hoped it would be. Both his tool and his time spent on me felt small. His huge body didn't match his love making tool. And somewhere deep I felt a little disappointed.

One month passed and in that one month we never made love again after our first time. Worse was, him trying to ignore me.

Whenever I went to shopping or for other chores, men followed me around a lot. It confused me a lot.

"My husband ignores me but for these guys I'm attractive?"

My thoughts were killing me. And soon I started to like the excitement of all the attention I was seeking through the gazes of all those men looking at me. It was a nice experience, but deep inside I made a pact that I would never, ever be unfaithful to him.


I always went to the office every day at work to have lunch with Declan. Sometimes I felt an embarrassment inside me from the looks of all the employees at Declan's firm, staring at me in the office, but I did so to spend time with him anyway.

Then one day Declan looked at me in a way which made me quiver. It was on his firm's tenth anniversary. Till that day I felt sad that we made love only one time so far. I wondered if it was something about me which he came to dislike. I tried to ask him, but he totally ignored.

"What should I do to capture his attention for me?"

"I can't just walk naked in our house all day, just to grab his attention for me. Though, it would be fun and exciting."

Thoughts running wild in my head, I chose a modest silk dress for the event. One reason I decided on it was because, it was the only modest outfit that even hinted that there was an attractive sexy lady underneath it. The other reason was, I'm the firm's owner's wife, and I had to look good.

He went ahead of me for some official reasons. I entered later, but as soon as I appeared, everyone started to look at me; some even drooled over me and my revealing figure.

Declan was watching everything standing from the stage. He told the musicians to play a dancing number and asked every couple there to join the dance floor. At that very moment he gave me that look.

He came to me and took me on the dance floor. After dancing for a few minutes he pulled me over to a corner of the hall and slowly began to feel my body through my dress. I was happy and terrified. I couldn't resist his advances because I felt lonely all this time, craving for his touch. Though it felt like he was some other person I didn't knew about.

Declan's hands played wherever they wished making me a little tense. I knew he noticed it, but it didn't make him stop. To begin with, he never asked my permission in the first place.

I felt relaxed as moments passed and I began to feel an excitement deep inside me, in that very corner. He was being discreet about everything that was going on between the two of us.

Few moments later I saw others beginning to watch us, as his hands felt the roundness of my hips and encircled my waist with never ending desire. It felt awkward, but then I couldn't resist this side of my beloved, so I just gave in completely.

I closed my eyes, put my head down on his shoulder and found myself casting away from the world, in his strong arms.

He felt encouraged, and began to fondle my breasts and caress my pointers through the dress with his fingers. I felt myself start to tense up again. His hands began to gently stroke my tummy, and I knew that most of the employees dancing with their partners near us were aware of what Declan was doing to me.

He gently lowered his big hands to feel the edges of my lower lips in between my legs. I glanced around and found couples staring at us. Declan's employees and their wives were watching us intently and were feeling the heat through their eyes. Still, I said and did nothing to stop him.

I knew stopping him was the right thing to do, but, I no longer cared about the world. The man of my life was having his way with my body for the first time in front of an audience, and I let myself be burnt with passion in those strong and big arms of his. I felt as if I will almost melt in his embrace, as he enveloped my breasts very erotically.

Soon Declan came to his senses and distanced himself from his beloved wife Ana. He looked around and found everyone looking at him and his wife. He grabbed Ana's hand and took his leave from everyone.

We didn't talk for the rest of the evening, but now I was so aware of his passion and desire for me. I couldn't let the feeling of his touch on my body the whole night. He didn't say anything on the way to our home.

He went to the bathroom, changed into his night briefs, slipped inside bed and closed his eyes. He didn't talked at all and fell asleep. I did the same. Before I fell asleep, my body along with my soul felt as if, it totally belonged to my husband and always will. I knew he feels the same for me.


Over the next few days, Declan ignored me completely. It made me a little confused. I wanted him to want me more, the same way as at the party. I would love to be in full nude in front of him, to feel wanted.

The thought of standing nude in front of my beloved husband, made me have visions of myself, being touched and melting in his arms. I had to shake my head often to be able to do my daily chores.

I tried to have a conversation with him to sort out everything. But every time our eyes met, he ignored me without any hesitation.

Declan came back from the office in the evening and came straight to me.

"Ana", Declan looked at me with tensed look. "I don't want to lose you", he said.

"There's something I need you to know." Said Declan and pulled me towards him.

"When I was young, I used to peek at my parents."

He took his gaze off me for a moment feeling totally embarrassed, telling me this little secret. Then, keeping his embarrassment aside he gazed back at me.

"Seeing them lost in their carnal pleasures in public places developed a similar taste of sexual preference in me to."

His right hand now caressing my neck felt like an electric shock. He tried to go as deep as he could into my eyes and said, "I love you. I love you a lot. That is why I never told you about my preferences towards sex."

There was a pause for a moment.

"I thought I would lose if you knew how I prefer to love the person I love."

"And this is the very reason I never talked to you about sex when we were dating."

I understood then and there, why he ignored me all this time. He was distant from me, in fear that I would leave him.

He kept looking at me wanting to know what my thoughts were at that very moment.

Without saying anything I leaped to kiss him and held him in a tight embrace. I knew by doing this, he will get his answer. I would have liked to go further but, his cell phone rang and we had to break our embrace.

He took his bag and left me, standing there all alone, walking away from me for his office for an urgent meeting.

Before closing the entrance door behind him on his way, he looked back at me with a smirk on his face.

"Why don't you come see me this tomorrow, I have a surprise for you in mind", said Declan, and closed the door."

I felt a tingling sensation in my tummy.

"What surprise will I get?"


I was nervous walking into my beloved husband's office for the first time in long time, especially because one wall of the room which used to be normal glass pains, were now one way glass, and I could see everyone in the office but they can't.

It was nerve wrecking thinking about all the wild possibilities ahead.

Declan was quick to ease me with a smile and told me how beautiful I looked. He came to me, gave me a hug and a gentle kiss.

"I love you Ana. I'm feeling very lucky right now", he said delicately brushing my breasts with his fingertips. A shiver of anticipation surged inside my spine.

"Ana", Declan smiled. "I thought you will come to hate me, finding about my preferences, but you understood me", he said with another smile on his face. "I've always loved you. I can't imagine my days without you."

I loved that he totally opened up the sides of him I never knew, in front of me.

He looked totally vulnerable and cute at the same time. I was feeling more love for him than ever before.

"Thank you", he said.

"I didn't do anything", I replied.

"You did everything."

We both looked at each other with silence in between us.

"You accepted me for who I am, and didn't ask anything in return", he said.

I took a moment and said, "No, I do want something in return."

His face tensed up hearing those words.

"What do you want?"

I took him into a tight embrace, placed my head on his broad chest, capturing his loud heartbeat with my ear. Closed my eyes and said, "I want you to never leave me and love me the way, you want to love me in every way possible."

He held my shoulders with his hands stepping slightly back from me.

Those passionate eyes from that anniversary event were back, and I felt it very strongly. He pulled me and sucked my lips hungrily and removed the top of my dress with his strong hands.

I stood there and let him do what he wanted.

Having gently unbuttoned and removing my dress, he walked to his desk, turned around, and ordered me to take off the rest of the things by myself.

I clearly saw the staff going about their work unaware of what was going on inside. And my beloved husband asked me to undress myself in that very moment.

"The bra, Ana", he said, in a way it made any resistance futile.

Closing my eyes, I did what he asked. I unclasped my bra and pulled it down from my shoulders, covering my assets with my hands.

"Ana", Declan smiled. "You are the perfect example of a busty goddess, breasts so beautiful, so full and so flawlessly shaped", he said smirking. "You are a busty goddess, who belongs only to me. Don't keep those bosoms covered and let me enjoy the view."

I exposed them in front of him. Trying to believe that the words I heard were coming from my beloved husband's mouth.

"Now the panties, please." He said.

With every passing second it was getting difficult for me to be able to stand further.

Declan sensed it, and took a scissor from his desk. He walked to me and smoothly cut the sides of panties and let them fall on the floor.

Finally, I was totally nude in front of my man, just like in my thoughts. I got excited, trembling all over.

Declan touched my lower lips with his right hand. Unable to handle I collapsed into his arms.

He began to caress me down there, moving slowly upwards to explore my whole body. His every touch sent shock waves through my body and engulfed me in pleasure.

He pulled me closer and took a nipple bite. My knees almost bent and he had to catch me from falling. All the love juices oozing out of my deepest parts must have signalled my complete surrender to him.

He swept me off my feet and took me to the sofa beside the table. Put me down slowly on my back and took his time to undress him.

As he pulled his briefs down, his long sturdy tool sprang out. It was twitching so violently, it felt like it was in pain.

He sucked my lips once again. But this time, it was my lower lips in between my long legs. Drinking the nectar from my fountain of love, he spread my legs wide open. I knew it was time.

Placing the head of his tool on the entrance, he gave a wild thrust to completely bury it deep inside me.

A scream came out of me. It felt so bigger and full of life than before; it was hard to believe that the same felt quite small during my first encounter.

"It can't be same one I had before."

I was in cloud nine getting the highest pleasure of my life with every wild thrust of his. He kept going without losing his sturdiness. I felt like dying of body pleasures, if he kept on going.

My insides clenched his shape and sent a signal to him that I was at my limits.

Body juices flied out of my paradise and stiffness took over my body. I felt his juices erupting inside of me and mixing with my juices. It was my first orgasm.

I coiled him in my arms and legs, embracing him tightly and sucking his lips with mine.

We both tried to catch our breaths. There was a satisfactory look on our faces.


A month passed by since our first time in the office with my beloved husband. We did it twelve times in the office already. Each time my orgasms felt much more exhilarating than before.

One day Declan told me that he preferred having sex with me in the office and that from now on he wanted me to come to his office everyday in anticipation.

"No bras and panties when you come into the office", he said.

"I don't want anything to deny my access to your body freely. I want you totally nude under your clothing."

Two days passed after he made his demand to me. I must admit I really, wanted him inside me so badly, it went on to become an obsession.

Declan called me on a Monday morning and said he wanted to see me immediately. It was three hours early for our lunch together, but I got dressed and went to meet him in his office anyway.

As I entered in his office, he looked at me from top to bottom.

"I have a feeling you haven't obeyed me, Ana", he said angrily. "When I tell you something, I expect it to be obeyed."

Grabbing me, he turned me over the one way glass wall forcefully and quickly lifted the little skirt I'd worn for him up over my hips.

"Pull your panties down"' he said in a voice of disgust at my disobedience.

I found out my mistake. I felt my tears rolling down my face as I reached back, pushed my panties down, and stepped out of them.

He pushed inside me instantly. I never thought sex could be used to punish someone, but I realized quickly that that was exactly what he was doing to me. He treated me like I was nothing but a body to him plunging his tool into my belly with full power.

Each stroke produced more tears. As he came near to finishing off, he grabbed me by my hair, turned me, and forced me on to my knees in front of him.

"Open your damn mouth", was all he said before he filled it with his semen for the first time. He made me feel that I wasn't worthy to receive his sperm in my belly.

It was hard to dress as per Declan's preferences. Walking into the office for lunch, I was certain it was completely obvious that I had nothing on underneath. I got lot of looks from the guys in the office.

I felt transformed deep in my soul, for my beloved Declan, my husband.

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