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A girl who lost her best friend to hate.
I’m sorry.
Isn't that what you want to hear?
I’m sorry.
I write this as I’m laying in the blue blanket that you made me for my birthday.
Or was it for Christmas?
I can’t even remember anymore.
I want to say to your face that I’m sorry if you thought what I said was offensive
But we both know how intransigent I really am.
At the time I didn't think what I said warranted an apology,
I just figured that you were overreacting.
But ever since you stopped talking to me, I go over it in my head day after day.
It’s been months and nothing.
No talking.
No texting.
No phones calls.
It’s as if I mean nothing to you anymore.
We've been best friend since sophomore year at the castle
More than five years just washed away.
We both know that what I said was the truth.
Albeit, it could have been said in a much more polite way
But that’s not my way.
I have a mouth like sailor and you know it.
It’s something that never bothered you before, so why now?
It’s been months and I’m sorry.
I can’t bring myself to say that to your face, but I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I have a big mouth.
I’m sorry you overreacted to truth.
I’m sorry any of this happened.
I’m sorry.
Accept this and talk to me.
Text me.
Call me.
Please tell me that I’m not nothing to you anymore.
I’m sorry.
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