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Rated: ASR · Other · Erotica · #2003433
The aftermath of the wedgies of many women.
Every female guest of the wedding, Maid of honor, Bride's maids, Photographer, and family, a total of around 100 women, was now hung from the ceiling, by custom made pink panties, reading "I am a nerd who loves wedgies." on the butt, and waistband. The bride's name is Gina, she had left many hours ago, after hanging all of the women up. "Do you believe this? She said we have to stay hung until we piss ourselves and our panties rip!" Complains an attendant. "I'm used to it." Says a cousin of Gina. "I'm really nerdy, I get wedgied all the time." "I knew she might wedgie us, she does it all the time, but like this, and to everyone? This is quite absurd." Complains the aunt of Gina, bouncing in her panties. The maids of honor are all hung in the middle of the room, in atomic wedgie, hanging by the front on a chandelier. "My ass hurts!" complains Gina's cousin. "Usually I'm the one giving wedgies!" Says Reese, a guest at the wedding, who had already pissed herself. "I don't know if mine will ever break!" complains Krista, another guest. "At least she only spanked direct family." Says Gina's mother, her ass sore and burning bright red. Gina's sister, in the middle, also had a bright shining red butt, displayed well by her wedgie. "I figured I would get wedgied, but why strip everyone's dresses and bras?" Asks another guest, hanging lower than most. "Well she didn't take pictures of your naked body hanging and send them to everyone!" says the photographer. "It's still better than her writing 'Wedgie Bitch' on your ass!" Says another guest. "We can't get her back is the worst thing. She locked the doors... we'll be here until she wants us to leave." says Kim, Gina's new mom. "When will the pain end?" asks a maid of honor. The girls hang for quite literally, days on end, Gina showing up to feed them, and give them more than enough water to piss themselves twice every day. Finally, the girls got down a week later, continuing their lives, although most walked with a new awkwardness, from the pain their asses endured.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2003433-The-Wedgie-Wedding-Aftermath