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A day contemplating my world around me at our local park.
A Thread in the Tapestry

I usually go to the park to walk or jog but today I decided to go and set myself somewhere and contemplate my life and be still. I found a quiet spot in the shade of a tree and laid myself down upon the soft new winter rye grass.

As I lay there on my back gazing skyward, lying absolutely still, I soon realize my senses are being assailed by a barrage of pleasant feelings. I concentrate, feel and absorb the world around me, overwhelmed with the realization of how awesome our world is. As I lay there, I feel that each of these things that touch my senses is like A Thread in the Tapestry that is this World. Each sound, color, taste, smell and texture a separate thread but all a part of the one tapestry. Some may say this is all coincidence but I find it utterly amazing that not only we are given our five senses but we are also given such an endless supply of stimuli to enjoy with each of these senses.

How could anyone not believe in God? Not only are we given these incredible senses but such pleasurable things to experience with them. He gives us rainbows of colors, such luscious smells, sounds to lullaby our ears, soft caresses upon our skin, and tastes that make us crave the food upon our plate. If this was all coincidence, shouldn't our world be just a boring collection of grays and beige, devoid of beautiful sounds and music, bland flavors without smell?

This is what I feel…. cool damp blades of newly grown grass tickling the back of my arms and neck. I feel a light cool breeze that gently caresses the hairs upon my arms and blows softly across my face.

As I look around I see the many brilliant shades of green in the grass and leaves of the trees. There are varied hues of blue between the sparkling water of Thompson Bay and the clear sky above.

I smell the soft fragrant smell of the green lush grass. It smells green! Also there is the dry crisp woodsy smell of the fall leaves sprinkled upon the grass.

More than anything I hear the sounds . . . sounds of the creaking of the chains on the swings as the children are pushed away by their parents. I smile as I hear the soft distant laughter of the children playing on the playground and as they chase each other in the little grove of trees on the knoll behind me. There are birds who serenade me as they sing a melody of notes and warble in joy. I hear the flapping of the wings of the pigeons as they fly to a new spot in the grass.

I leave relaxed and feeling blessed that I am also A Thread in the Tapestry that is this World.
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