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How do you define God?

    Trina was a cute girl, who worked at a Home Depot.
    She liked to have sex a lot. She also liked to have sex for a promotion.
    However, she was also a devout Christian.+
    I know it sounds hypocritical, but do you remember Marry Magdolene?
    Well, Trina thought of herself as a Marry Magdolene of Home Depot.
    She had wrapped her legs around every store manager she could catch.

    Trina had planned to marry a merchant marine, but he wanted a wife
    not a prostitute. .. That was her curse; sexual addiction.
    Well, Trina was sad about her slutty life and went to confess to a Priest.

    Fr. Muzzy took her confession.
    "Bless me father for I am a tramp." Trina sobbed.
    Fr. Muzzy suppressed his snicker,  "My dear God loves you."

    Trina sobbed, "I'm a sex addict. I-I have sex for promotions and drinks.
    I sound more like a prostitute, than a sex addict."
    Fr. Muzzy answered softly; "Perhaps you are lonely?"

    "Lonely?" Trina snorted and blew her nose.
    "I wear a vibrator to work.. It's a pink butterfly... Oh, Gawd!" she sobbed.
    "Are you wearing it now?" Fr. Muzzy leaned forward.

    "Yes." Trina's voice sounded like Alvin the chipmunk.
    "Hmm... Well, turn it off. Perhaps, you have a demon incubus?
      Can you recite the Our Father?" Fr. Muzzy queried.

      Trina recited the Our Father.
      "Good." Fr. Muzzy adjusted his frock ~
      "If you wish to be a prostitute, then you must go see a doctor.
      If you wish to be a Catholic, then you must not have sex outside of marriage.
      God loves you and we are all sinners. You are always welcome."

      Reflections: Pope Paul II declared the Catholic religion teaches to be subject
                          to the authority of Christ. But, no earthly authority has any right
                          against Christ and His Church. If we are accused of sedition or
                          disobedience because we are faithful to our religion, then we must
                          choose as Jesus chose and obey God rather than man.

    Question ~  Who knows the mind of God?
                        Is the Catholic Church infallible?
                        There has been much evil done in the name of God.
                        Why does God allow it?

    I cannot fathom a world without God.
    But, that does not prove there is a God.
    I could be nuts.


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