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by Noctis
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A short perspective on human intellect and its influence in the world.
For many years, people adore the fascinating wonders of being intelligent, or an above average level of thinking among other individuals. We consider it to be great, cool and impressive to all. We think that being smart has its benefits and advantages. Most of us believe that it helps humankind create a better life and a promising future. But what we fail to understand is that intelligence can also play a big role towards our own failure.

If a lot of people use their talents for good, some others also use it to create chaos, ambition and self-gratifications of their egos. In a particular case, today's scientists and intellectuals develop engines of war and violence, under the guise of security and power. Whether we throw a rock or drop a bigger bomb, humanity will never be satisfied. If this is not stopped, we ourselves will suffer the dreadful consequences that await us.

         These are the benefits and failures of intelligence. It is not knowledge or science that is evil, but the ones who make use of it. We must instead develop a sense of awareness in order for us to use this gift of wisdom towards a promising future.
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