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A poem about our misguided attempts to seek the future.
The Diner Window

I do not know what lies ahead
I cannot see out this dark backlit window
I see but do not comprehend
the goings on of this dull diner
I sit in a dream as I eat this breakfast
turned greasy regrettable late night snack
though I love  it to the last

I do not know what is out there
I cannot see beyond my own reflection
I hear but do not listen to
the banter of my friends at the table
I sit in eternity as the black coffee
loses its life invigorating freshness
but still smells sweet as toffee

I do not know the future here
I cannot see the street beyond the thick glass
I feel but pay no mind as
the lazy fan swirls air down my back
I sit here alone in this still dark dank diner
as my companions are now all long gone
off to seek their fortunes signer

I do not know why I tried
I cannot ever see just what is in store
I regret but still have lived
my life staring out the same window
I sit no longer in that same old lifeless booth
and am off to seek what’s here and now
I am off to seek the truth
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