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Story I have been thinking about for months, let me know if it sounds interesting.
Story idea #1

Story begining and setting-

The story is set a couple hundred million years into the future where the continents are back in the shape of Pangaea. However, instead of advancing as a species, we became stable and thus, no more advancement because there was no need for it. As such, a authoritarian rule is brought back after democracy had failed, and people live out mostly comfortable lives. Because of concerns of the environment and land rights, one massive city is made in the heart of this new land, with the wildlife surrounding it.

This city is made to home all who wish to live in harmony, however it is also home to a massive corporation by the name of Spire Inc, who only wish to line their pockets with money and control the city's power. As few realized this, people left the city to live their own lives, which lead to people who fought against the rule of Spire and the authoritarian government who wanted complete control.

Hero profiles

Shaun-19, Sloth, "leader", lazy but brilliant tactician and genius. Modeled after Leonardo da Vinci

Mina- 18, Wrathful, hates how the five are forced to live, hates her comrades, solitary.

Lilliana- 17, Lust, believed to be in love with Blaze, introvert with secondary mind set. Modeled off of Sakura from Naruto.

Blaze- 16, Main character, prideful, cocky, rejects Lilliana.

Livia- 14, Envy, quiet and shy, looks up to Shaun (childhood hero) modeled after Hinata from Naruto.


Villain profiles

"Mr. M."- greedy to the fullest, taxes the poor of all money. Spends money on robots to protect him. Leader of Spire.

"NIgHtMArE"- psychotic teenager, expert hacker and fighter, horrible grammar, tests good characters with crazy to over complex situations.

"G"- unknown real name, seriously overweight, control over all food but keeps most of it for himself, narcissistic, reason half of the city is starving.

Chase "The Small" Gardener- 2 in Command of Spire's forces, meek and scrawny but highly intelligent and crafty, he uses his weak looks to fool and deceit.

"Mist"- Extremely dangerous, uses physical and mental control on victims by twisting the victims strengths into weaknesses.

"Vex"- Possibly a sorcerer that lived over 3000 years ago, unknown data but caution is well recommended.


Questionable friends profiles (good or bad)

"N"- Dangerous hitman, proficient in rifles and knifes, unknown side preference, dedicated and obsessed with his work.

Miss K- leader of a known gang, clever and discreet, possible ally but shady background remains to see.

"Heart"- young child with burning passion for change, dangerously unstable, could be ally or foe.

Old hero- a hero past his prime, but can still show the young kids a trick or two. Possible ally, but age is risk.



Merchant's guild (Middle power)- Basically put, every merchant all in town and beyond must receive a license in order to sell/ buy and give 15 percent of income to head of guild. Usually civilian based, they tend to line the pockets of the authority figures in taxes or bribes.

Dagger gang(Rebels, low power)- Group from orginal Thieves guild, last survivors of their trade, they fight the opposition to their cause. Good guys, talented but unproven, will suffer many challenges at the hands of the world. Possible that one or more will die at the end.

Spire Command(Controling Gov., massive amount of power) - Big company, practically rules the world from the sidelines. Deals in products, people, land and resources. Whatever you have, was probably made by them and bought by you at three times the price. Very bad people recently took over control and now the company is trying to control the world.

Mercenaries(Sidelines)- Soldiers from the last war that are for hire. No real threat unless allied with Spire or Thieves.

Guards(Servants of Gov.)- Follows any and all orders from Spire, grouped into the elite and the dull swords. Elite are top rate and usual protect the Spire while Dull swords guard the citizens.

The True Thieves Guild(Sideline)- Orginal Thieves who used to control peace between those who disagreed with Spire and Spire itself. Most orginal members were killed off after they pissed off the Spire. The others were branched off into multiple gangs, nearly  a third of the total amount.

Hunters(Sidelines)- hunts down and bring back prey to anyone who pays. One level lower than the assassins.

Assassins(sidelines)- kill for profit, no sides but tend to lean towards the one's with more money and power.


Story parts/ Chapters

1. A merchant gets robbed by the Dagger, complains to the Spire Guards to do something.

2. Goes to Spire headquarters, shows the villan in charge  Mr. M and underlings while he punishes someone who went against him.

3. Goes back to Thief headquarters, showing our hero Blake and his father talking about his risks to their safety.

4. Our hero goes and leaves against his father's wishes, leaving the headquarters with his friends

5. At this time, Spire heads after the Thieves headquarters, epic battle ensues. Our hero and his friends spend the time enjoying a hunt and are unaware of the fighting.

6. Hero and friends discover the attack after it is over, dramatic scene follows.

7. Goes back to Spire command, with the smiling villain taking the stage and showing a foreshadow of his greatest plan now that his enemies are defeated.

8. Goes to the following morning, Hero wants revenge but his friends try to stop him

9. Hero goes on a mission to free a few of their friends who were taken alive after he finds and 'questions' a local in town.

10. Mission saves a few  of the thieves but the rest were killed, Hero is furious and now knows who he must take down, the main villain Mr. M.

11. Spire Command assume breakout was from the prisoners, not outside forces so Dagger avoids detection.

12. Hero finds out from the prisoners that his father may be alive but his mother is dead.

13. Hero convinces his friends that they need to cause more damage to Spire by targeting the Second in Command Chase Gardener.

14. Mission ends up kidnapping the second in Command and destroying a very large base. Father of Hero is dead, along with mother. Chase Gardener is freed and informs Mr. M of Dagger but cannot remember how he got to the base as he was out cold the entire time of his kidnapping.

15. Spire now knows that Hero and friends are alive, starting a long feud against each other.

16.Spire hires Hunters to kill Hero and friends

17.Hero and friends hire Mercenaries to protect them after the Hunters fail

18. Spire sends NIgHtMArE after Hero and friends.

19. Hero and friends survive NIgHtMAre but several are traumatised from the test he administers.

20. Spire sends Vex.

21. Hero and friends just barely survive Vex.

22. Mist is sent.

23. Shaun is killed, Hero and friends only survive from Old Hero and  Heart's help.

24. Heart helps Hero and friends find more help.

25.-N joins the team but is not very popular.

26. Miss K joins team after her favorite hideout is destroyed by Spire, however sparks uncertainty in group if she is trustworthy.

27. Spire sends in "G" to crush resistance.

28. Old Hero is killed,and "G" gets away after a very deadly battle.

29. Heart is dangerously unstable from the loss of Old Hero.

30. Heart gets -N to help in an attack of the main building of Spire where Mr. M is, despite their friends warning them of the obvious trap.

31. Mission is a failure, -N and Heart are badly hurt, vanish from the war in fear of their safety.

32.Hero and Friends go after Spire one last time

33.Mina, Lilliana, and Livia die after cutting through the defenses. Miss K's gang sacrifices themselves to keep Blake alive for final fight.

34.Blake and Mr. M banter while the building is in ruins.

35. Epic final fight.

36. Blake just barely wins, however he is badly injured.

37. Mr. M tries to convince Blake that his actions will not change anything and that his revenge was pointless as all of his close friends died.

38. Blake leaves Mr. M to die as Miss K appears to get him away before reinforcements arrive.

39.Blake mourns the loss of his friends, joins Miss K as she tries to help our hero.

40. Possible end credit/ epilogue- Mr. M had a son and swears vengeance on Blake, possible sequel. Mr. M survives.


I know it's not much but please leave a review or email me with suggestions or concerns. Thank you.
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