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Part 2 of my world's back story. (names not final)
In the year 1650 the Marsh scientists fine with their tests of the genes and then start selling out to the highest bidder. The army, the wealthy, and anyone who can afford buys this miracle of remaking themselves in any way possible. After the main boom of the genetic sales the leaders of Marsh, known as the Dreg council, take more of an interest about the wonders and begin to expand the lower capital with genetically altered workers who are more efficient than their normal counterparts. Those who are desperate enough to get or keep their jobs participate in new genetic tests leaving them as more monster than human. This drastic change created the Overusers and lead to a main split in society of those still mostly human and those who were less than half of what they once were. Twenty five years of discrimination of the Overusers lead to the Under Life Riots. This riot lasting three weeks where Overusers fought the Normal humans, many lives were taken. After the fighting dies down the government locks up any who are suspected of starting the riot in the Sky-Hell Temple, this counts of over four hundred people of both sides. To insure the Under life Riots never happen again the government places parts of lower capital as areas of the Overused and pass several bills making the Overusers and Normal humans on equal ground with one another, but much resentment still lingers between the groups.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2003845-Data-Negligees-Archive-Back-story-2