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by adrift
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What happens when there is an absence of love and acceptance in a persons life.
My mind constantly racing with doubts and fear surrounding the idea of failure. This world is adjacent to the reality my soul sees and no matter my achievements nor my effort they contentiously fall short of the mark.
My spirit has been battered over the years and with no nurturing or love to rekindle a positive outlook the sky's appear to grow grayer by the day. I scream with all my might and yet I am muted by the people, will they hear my cry's before it is too late? The beast is rattling the cage that defines him, the chains locking him in are growing weak, the steel prison's welds are slowly breaking. With freedom in sight will the beast realize the greater good or embrace the selfish desires of the world and release hatred among the ones that damned him? I must battle the evil forced upon me but i am an army of one with nothing to bring me joy, so where is my inspiration? I have prayed to the heavens with no reply, I have confided in a few with no time to hear my cry's , alone I stand with my feet on this hot concrete jungle. The dark is consuming my soul and the fight seems pointless, with the key in my hand I approach the lock to the mangled cage...
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