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Dream or nightmare? (Form: Double Etheree)
Hollow Dreams

shares her true
heart;  she only
plays an actor's part.
Smiles, tears–they're all a fake.
Loving    her    is    a    mistake.
A  vampire,  she will  drain  your  soul
while you smugly think you're in control
as  life  is slowly  siphoned  from  your  veins.
Not iron but pleasure has forged your chains!
Blinded  by  lust,  rapturous  delight,
fooled by the joys found in the night,
you are convinced she's your dream
unaware, this nightmare
is less than she seems.
This spawn of hell
is just a

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An entry for "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
Prompt:  Image/Form 1
Line Count: 20
Form:  Double Etheree    The use of rhyme (both internal and end) is not part of an etheree but added by me to increase the complexity of the form.
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