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Jetta is in search of the legendary Steam Goggles

Family Jewels

Walking towards the most complicated contraption Jetta has ever seen. It looks like a steel pot with steam puffing out of it and strange pointy things sticking out all over the place. Confused about where the front entrance is, Jetta cups her hands around her mouth and yells, "G'Day mate. Is anyone home?"

Tapping her foot impatiently, she gets out her close up goggles. Her own creation. She puts them on her eyes with a sigh and sees dark shadow movement. An eye as big as her head it seems comes into view and says, "You have a mighty fine invention there little lady. What do you call it?"

With a look of confidence she takes the goggles of and replies, "The close up goggles. I haven't been able to come up with anything better than that. Is your name Julius Bottombum?"

"Yes it is. What do I owe the honour of your beautiful presence?"

"My name is Jetta Danforth. I am an Invention Seeker. I have been giver word that you are familiar with the invention called the Steam Goggles. Is this true?"

Looking at Jetta with a serious look, he replies, "You are the first one to come here and ask that of me. I have been waitin' for a while figurin' someone would show up and you are the first. It has been thirty years. Please come in."

Julius turns around and walks into his home and leads Jetta to his office. Walking into this room is like being in a museum. There are books, artifacts, and of course inventions. Jetta is lead to a solid oak table and chairs. Julius pulls the chair out for her and says, "M' lady."

"Thank you Julius," the words leave her in an aura of awe. Looking around her, Jetta faces Julius and says, "This place is breathless. I am at a loss of words. Please forgive me."

Julius walks around the table and takes a seat on the other side of Jetta and says, "It is alright. This is my creation and is overwhelming for most walking through that door. Believe it or not you have handled yourself better than most." It is at this moment Julius pushes a hidden button on the bottom of the table. A drawer slides open and he reaches inside for the red velvet covered book contained within. Looking like a kid in a candy store he puts the book on the table and slides it towards Jetta.

As Jetta touches the book Julius says, "This is the last written testament that I know of about the invention of the Steam Goggles. Read it. Use it. Protect it with your life. Many would take ye' life for its contents. Read the first two pages now."

Jetta looks at the front cover. All it contains is the name of the famous family inventor who is the best steam engineers in the world, Gooseling in gold letters on the red velvet cover. This is what is contained within. To whom it may concern. This is a wonderful time to be alive. There is great power and creativity with this world. Many are not aware of how this world actually works because if they did we would not be living in the dark ages. My family has tapped into a secret that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is why we have been able to succeed at the steam engineer inventions. There are so many things my family has created and many of these things are hidden. We would not be accepted if everyone knew, especially the powerful ones in control of the world at this time. There is a way to end the wars. There is a way to end the poverty. There is a way we can all live in love and peace with one another. My family has a prophecy. A woman and man whom are born in the world and do not live in the world. A woman and man whom are familiar with things beyond the understanding of the average person without being told the information she and he know as truth. A woman and man who see things not as in good or evil, they see more in balance. These are the things that will set the emotion love in a higher position than evil. This couple will be an example of the purest form of love in existence. The one who has the Steam Goggles will have the greatest knowledge of all time. These are my words and they speak truth for all eternity. May the power of love be restored to the planet Earth. Marcus Gooseling.

Jetta puts the book down. Looks at Julius, takes a deep breath, and asks, "How long have you had this book?"

"Over thirty years and you are the first to come looking. Please take the time to read it in its entire contents. There is much valuable information contained in its pages. The book has chosen you and I pass it on to you. Now, will you be staying the night to rest up before you move on?"

"No. I feel the strangest urgency that I must be on the way."

"Very wise child. This book will attract trouble your way. There are many who will kill for the valuable contents of that book. Best to have it out of plain sight and be on your way as quickly as possible. Now that you have been here the vultures will be flocking. Pick your crew well and only those you trust with your life. When those betray you drop them anyway you can. You cannot afford to have bottom feeders in your midst."

Jetta leaves Julius and walks back to her metal kangaroo contraption she built herself from scratch. Using the steam technology which has not been popular at all has had lots of benefits. As she walks pondering about the information from Julius, she realizes that she still does not know where to go look for these Steam Goggles. It is a nice story Julius has shared with her. She is still in the same place she was before she walked through his door except now she has a fairy tale to tell.

Word count: 1, 046

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