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Bitter words...
It's been sometime since I just sat down and wrote. I recall a time in my life as soon as my feet hit the floor I'd be jotting down something even if it meant I just scrap it. Come to think of it, I still have all my 'pitch outs' or story outlines. Just the other day I found my first handwritten Vengeance One manuscript, and this script went under many rewrites over the years with the last rewrite being Resurrection Retribution. This script is the only manuscript that has more than one version with the last being the best.
In my other revamps of Vengeance II Blood of Innocents only thing changed with it was the title and cleaning up the language and this occurred in ALL my manuscripts unless that's a character's way of talking but even then I kept the big bomb words limited which made a much better read.
Another manuscript series I enjoy working with is Bad Blood...Only rewrites with this is opening the door to new characters in chapter one such as Dirty Sally which in upcoming scripts she plays a big roll in the upcoming Vengeance series along with Samuel Ashton, whose character was hit on 'slightly' in Resurrection Retribution with very few details surrounding him. Many references made to 'one day He will return for his bride.'

My passion for writing has not changed. I just took a extended break enjoying the world of reality with my horses which has made me a better writer. Giving True Justice to my heart and soul manuscript Vengeance One--Resurrection Retribution and those that had the honor to read other versions and have read this version will tell you I finally brought it home which makes me proud.

In upcoming days I will share some of my new works. I am also pleased and honored I have so many that loves reading my stories and I thank you from the bottom of my soul.

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