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A humorous comparison of a mans relationship to his dog and his wife.

                    List of things my dog asks of me:                                                                 
                    1>        Feed me                                                                                         
                    2>        Fill my water bowl                                                                                 
                    3>        Play with me                                                                                   
                    4>        Take me out                           
                    5>        Bathe me
                    6>        Scratch my neck
                    7>        Take me to the Vet.

                    List of things my wife asks of me:

                  1>        Feed me!
                  2>        Install whole house water filter!
                  3>        Play with me or else!
                  4>        Lets go out tonight
                  5>        Wash my back
                  6>        Scratch my back
                  7>        Take me to the Dr.
                  8>        Make love to me
                  9>        Don't forget our anniversary ... Valentines Day ... My Birthday ...
                  10>        Pay the bills
                  11>        Re-paint the kitchen
                  12>        Clean out the vacuum cleaner brush
                  13>        Reorganize the garage
                  14>        Go buy me some cough drops
                  15>        Hold my purse
                  16>        Stay close to the fitting room
                  17>        Do you like this top?
                  18>        Don't even think about it!
                  19>        Drop these off at the dry cleaners
                  20>        Go pick up my mother at the airport
                  21>        You need to have a talk with our son
                  22>        Who's phone number is on this note I found in your pants?
                  23>        You need to lose some weight / get off me
                  24>        You're not going to wear that are you?
                  25>        Don't be so lazy
                  26>        Can't we watch something besides football?
                  27>        This hamburger's still bloody inside
                  28>        You're sleeping on the couch tonight
                  29>        I need $300.00 for Brenda's prom dress
                  30>        Go mow the lawn

                                And the list goes on and on and on and on .............

                                (I really love my dog) ... HERE BOY!  *Dog2* 
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