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by Penny
Rated: 18+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2004332
Quinlan finds a letter from his dead grandfather in his attic.
Chapter 1

My alarm clock rung manically. I wanted just to lay in bed for a few more minutes but it was my first day at a new school and I wasn’t going to be late because of my tendency to be lazy. I stretched as I got up, and sighed as I ruffled my messy dark brown hair. I quickly brushed through my straight hair and put on my school uniform which consisted of navy blue pants and blazer with the school badge on the chest, a button up white shirt and a burgundy tie. I grabbed my backpack and hurried down the stairs. I checked it one last time before heading out the front door. The household maid, Viorica yelled out my name in an attempt to stop me. I turned around and shot her a confused look.
“You forgot your lunch, Sir.” I sighed in my own idiocy and grabbed the lunchbox from her, grinning.
“Thanks, Vi.” I said before running out the front door, my personal chauffeur opened the car door but I shook my head.
“I don’t want to be bullied on the first day.” The chauffeur hesitated before closing the door. I turned to my bike and got on it, my father stood by the balcony and waved goodbye as he yelled,
“Don’t make a fool of yourself.” I rolled my eyes and waved goodbye before biking towards my new school.

The school building was a beautiful rectangular shape with a broad white staircase leading up to the entrance. The walls were a warm brown color and there were long windows surrounding the building, three on each side. On top of each window was another smaller window, indicating that the building most likely had two floors. The staircase was crammed with students; some of the loners were reading in the corner but most of the students were eating and talking to their friends. Across the staircase was a grass field with two concrete paths and lilac, white and lavender-blue flowers in arrangements in between. The place sure was beautiful. I lead my bike through the grass field and locked it by the nearest wall. I felt the students’ eyes on me as I hurried up the stairs, trying not to step on anyone or anything. It felt strange starting a school in the middle of a term but after getting bullied in my old school for being too quiet and shy, this new change may not be as bad as I thought. I’d made sure to look as if I belonged, knowing that these students were like sharks, and if they sensed any ounce of fear, they’d come attacking.

I tried to catch my breath as I ran towards the homeroom door. I was just in time and managed to sneak in without making a scene. The teacher, Mr. Edwards, nodded towards me and gestured for me to come join him upfront. I nodded and walked towards him.
“This is Quinlan Reid, he will be in your class from now on, so welcome him like the kind hearted students I know you are.” I bowed shyly. Fuck, why am I such a noob? I sat down in my predetermined seat and looked around, curious to see who my fellow classmates were. I caught the glimpse of purple hair and for a second I couldn’t stop staring. I had never seen a girl with purple hair. Probably because my father is very strict on natural looks only. If it looks fake, it shouldn’t exist. Therefore, none of my close friends experiment with hair dyes. The girl suddenly turned her head and looked at me, giggled and leaned back to talk to someone. I couldn’t see who is was but it didn’t matter, they were most likely talking about me. God damn it. It’s the first day and I’m already feeling like staying home tomorrow.

The rest of the lesson was spent going through the correct answers on their latest test, nothing to do with me really, so I spent the time observing. I noticed half of the girls had adjusted their school uniform to the most revealing they could possibly make it be. More than one fourth were sticking to the original design and only a few "punked" it up. Among them, the purple-haired girl. There was something unusual with the boys though. They weren’t trying too hard like most guys had done in my old school. They were themselves, obeying the rules and keeping a respectable profile. I guess they let girls off the hook easier. 20 minutes left until class ends and there’s still a seat waiting to be taken. I’m too lazy to look into it so instead I open my notebook and start doodling caricatures, which is the only form of art I am familiar with.

Suddenly, the homeroom door springs open and a guy walks in. Mr. Edwards glares at the guy irritably before noting his late arrival.
“That’s the third time this week, Caldon.” he says loudly, but calmly, without taking his eyes off the tiny notebook he’s writing on.
“Whatever.” The boy mumbles as he fist-bumps a few of the guys on his way to his seat, which, ironically, is in the back to the left, by a window.
I stare at him, unable to turn my eyes away from this overly self-confident, bad boy figure. He has ginger hair that falls to his neck, cut in a shaggy style, his bangs are pushed to the side, long enough to cover his forehead but not long enough to fall in his eyes. His eyes aren’t too visible from where I’m sitting but they seem to be some form of blue. His navy blue blazer is hanging from the back of his chair and his white buttoned up shirt is not so buttoned up, his sleeves are rolled up to just below his elbows and his tie is nearly undone. Did he not have time to get dressed properly or is this just the latest fashion?

The bell rings and the students swarm out the classroom like bees. It’s lunch time and the cafeteria line is as long as the Great Wall of China. Thankfully, Vi got me lunch. I go outside and decide it’s the best to sit on the corner of the stairs. Some guys are playing football on the grass field and god forbid my food gets shot at, or even worse, I get dragged into the game. I take a bite of my curry chicken baguette as I watch the purple haired girl run down the stairs, giggling, with the ginger guy following behind her. She turns around and smirks at the guy before increasing her speed as she runs towards the field. The ginger boy chuckles and runs after her, wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground. She giggles loudly and I notice the other male students’ jealous glares towards ginger. Suddenly I feel a lump in my throat, I’m not sure whether it’s jealousy or just the bitter taste of loneliness. I guess, by sitting in the corner of the stairs and eating alone, classifies me as one of the loners. I should bring a book tomorrow, that way my character would fall into place perfectly.


Okay so this is my first time uploading a story here and I hope you all like it.
I am going to rate this as an 18+ story even though it may not be 18+ material in this particular chapter. The main reason why it'll be 18+ is because of violence and blood and stuff but I'm not really sure if I'm going to have sexual content. Maybe hints of it...I don't know. Haven't made my mind up yet about that but anyway, hope you enjoyed it!

- Penny
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