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How the pharmaceutical companies control over population.
Population Control

She's trapped in a mass deep inside of her head
"Trapped by suspicions," her therapist said
She's never content, her demeanor is bleak
She thinks that God made her defective and weak

She Googles and watches the Doctors for clues
So most of the things she believes are a ruse
"I think I have cancer, my hairs falling out"
"My thyroid is bad and my toe's full of gout"

I look at her worry 'bout fantasy ills
And cringe as she poisons herself with white pills
I try to be helpful and give her advice
"Those pills are not helping, they're simply a vice"

"It's so hard to breathe, I've a pain in my gut"
The words from her mouth make her sound like a nut
She falls to the carpet and calls out my name
"What's wrong with my heart?" as she whimpers in pain

Then 10 minutes later she hasn't a care
Doctor OZ on the tube, so intense is her stare
Her brain is a festering cesspool of trouble
Her body a hypnotic sore heap of rubble

Her chondria's hypo, her image insane
She has all to forfeit and little to gain
But spreading her misery 'round like a plague
And how it all started, is really quite vague

She's needing attention, a pitiful id
A burden to others, she acts like a kid
Medical bills and forms through the house
Who is this woman, she can't be my spouse?

A cripple, we no longer dance in the night
She's grouchy and hurt, the result of her fright
I'll wait till the meds take their toll, end her life
Their toxic effects will relieve all her strife

One more to the dust from a pharmacy's bag
They're killing off thousands a day without lag
Washing our brains with the promise of health
To kill everyone with political stealth

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