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The feeling of being alive and living life
To be alive isn't just to be alive and kicking
feeling your legs and limbs.
To be alive is to
percieve the sights and sounds
that those who have kicked the bucket can't appreciate.

God's most precious gift to us
Is life which He breathed into us

But to be alive is to thaw
the frozen cold heart
with the warmth of feeling
coz we aren't born coldblooded.

Alive is
the sense of hearing
that hearkens not just the violin
but the songbird's birdsong.
To see not just the obvious, the apparent
but as well to see with the eyes of wisdom.
To feel not just your skin
but employ the sense of touch
to feel petals and other critters.
To be alive isn't to smell your own breath and sweat
but to inhale all the distinct fragrances of nature.
And to taste not merely of the artificial flavors
of fizzy pale poison refined sugar's soda
but to cup your hands to taste the raindrop!

Do I in anyway imply by this that those born blind, deaf or dumb are less alive?
Never! For I've seen the blind appreciate divinely created nature far more than the seeing.
For the blind every sound is precious,
for every voice they are grateful.
And every touch has meaning...
Be alive with all your God given senses
Don't wait to be deprived of even one,
to appreciate them.
For senses like limbs, freeze when
they're not in usage.
God created this world for our toil and so we appreciate life and
so we deserve the next one in heaven.
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