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by adrift
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To shed light on the impact of depression and the aftermath of a vaulnable soul.
Many people suffer from depression and most have no idea the pain it causes. Depression is a stealthy hunter with only the intent to corrupt the mind into darkness. It's as if you are possessed by the darkest of souls locked from heaven and escaped from hell. I have been a victim since I was a young child and at the age of 7 I attempted my first suicide, at the time it seemed to be a completely logical idea. It will slowly eat away at your soul and blind you from the beauty surrounding you, your very existence seems pointless and in the way. The lucky ones will live another day and the captured will perish away. Depression is the evil among us, many seek prescriptions to block the darkness as garlic was used to fend off vampires but for some including myself this method only provokes the dark thoughts. The war never ends for as soon as you let your guard down the hunter will track its prey and the battle begins again. The silent killer attacks with no mercy at any given time, your happy moments are always numbered so when you feel them embrace them to the fullest for they will soon come to an abrupt end. Your everyday life seems to move in slow motion dragging out the excruciating pain that consumes your soul. I often find myself starring down the barrel of my peace maker with no recollection of grabbing it. Depression is extremely terrifying for the fact that you never know when your finally going to give in to temptation and leave the one's you cherish behind to pick up the shattered pieces of what used to be. Marijuana is the only medicine I have found that temporarily paralyzes the dark forces that plague my mind. I will continue to fight but with no guarantee I will win. ahoyy
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