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by adrift
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short poem of a dark time in my life

For days
and days I would lay,
still so the pain would slowly fade away.

My life in a seemingly downward spiral
recently my popularity appeared to be viral
For a man that just had it all
is on the path to surely fall,

my friends they would not call
they were not friends after all.

It’s a miracle I’m alive,
I was just surprised
to escape my demise.

The judge made her ruling
the sentence nothing less than grueling.

With my spine a mangled mess
I would put alcohol to the test
the pain i'm trying to suppress.

Through the darkness I feared,
finally a life-saving light appeared.

I am not alone anymore
and the alcohol I pour,
down the drain
erase the memory from my brain.

I am blessed to be alive
these struggles I will take in stride.

It's a beautiful pain
I feel every day
reminds me of a darker way
I once lived.

Foot note
in 2008 I was arrested on 2 felony charges and was offered a drug rehabilitation program on felony probation. my first week I violated the means of the agreement. I hit a tree at 60 mph and was ejected from the vehicle, while being heavily intoxicated. I filed a plea and was facing 5 years if another incident ac cured. I drank heavily for 12 months of my program and 1 month before being released something came over me entirely, still to this day I haven't had a drink nor seen a single soul from my darker days. I am strong and extremely blessed
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