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Introducing the end of the world
Eyes opened.

I saw through the window.

Spring. Pink and bright flowers were blooming. Crisp grass was swaying as the wind blew. Spring bought out the beauty of nature. Everything was prospering. Nature, how I love it as it seems so warm and gentle. I smiled as I recalled seeing it in somewhere else with my good friend.

Just as I approached the window to take a picture to show her, the scenery changed to a beach. The sun was setting down. The sky was red and orange as the sun said goodbye to the ones tanning on the beach. There were half naked men lying on to the beach and children were playing soccer along the sand area.

I was surprised what happened to the spring. Has it gone passed within seconds?

The next seconds I looked out; I saw a lonely bare tree standing by itself. Wrinkled brown maples leaves continued to fall off from the tree. I realized it was autumn now. Just then, a thought struck on me. Why am I experiencing all four seasons, not to mention the last one hasn't arrived? Being in a one-season country, it was impossible to experience all these.

I looked up at the sun. I realized it was being eaten up slowly. Is this eclipse? What I remembered was that a eclipse looks black. But this was not black. The sun was eaten up by the seasons in every single second. It sounded crazy. I saw it split into four parts. As each season changed, the sun got darker and darker. Or in another words, becoming emptier and emptier. So, I guess the next season coming would be winter right? Snow would fall endlessly onto the ground. Piling and piling up each time.

Every seasons flashed through my eyes so quickly as if time was frozen at this point.

Everything didn't make sense to me until a Chinese proverb struck on me. It is called 'Shi Jie Mo Re' meanings the end of the world. It sounds similar to 'Si Ji' which stands for four seasons and 'Mo Re' means ending. Does this mean that when the four seasons end, the world is going to end as well? My hands trembled slightly and I realized I didn't notice that I was sweating madly. I continued to stare at the sky, the sun was gloomy and evoked an eerie aura, somehow hinting to me that it might be happening soon. In real time...

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