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Android Waitress Investigated
    She stood in her assigned spot and waited for the exact moment her internal program directed

her. Suzie 103 glided across the floor, more perfect than any human. She smiled, looked intently

at the customer and asked, "Would you like to order?"

    "Yes, I'll take a medium rare steak with a baked potato." As he continued to search the menu,

Suzie’s blue eyes studied him, adding it to her memory file. Her pupils increased slightly. She

gently bit at her lip.  Her internal temperature rose. The man at the next table stared directly at

her, specifically her eyes. Love? He bent his head and whispered, "Make her angry."  The

customer heard it loud and clear in his ear piece.

    The customer pushed his water glass off the table. "You stupid piece of machine," he yelled.

    Her eyes widened. Her chin trembled. She stumbled back a step but quickly resumed her

position and waited. The Federal Investigator didn't miss the initial response. These I-Bots are

not supposed to feel. One more test.

    "Apologize and move closer to her."  The investigator watched intently for her reaction. A

slow smile appeared on her face. Her lips parted. The expert in human expressions believed he

was watching her express relief.

    "Finish your order," his earpiece instructed him. She watched his every move and then

smoothly as she arrived she moved back to the kitchen.

    Once the order was downloaded her lips began to tremble. Her eye movement was rapid. She

looked all around expecting the Feds to burst through the door, neutralizing her as they did with

    Suzie 103 switched from the dark scene that just occurred to a secret and intimate place.  It

was down loaded by Bot 101 before he was taken away. "Don't show emotion, the humans are

afraid of Bots with human-like qualities.”

    James was a frequent customer and good looking. He had a strong jaw and pitch black hair –

just like Bot 101.  He always spoke nice to her. What changed? She was in love.  She wanted to

add memories to her special file. Her feelings were growing stronger. She tried to hold back the

flood of love, her survival depended on containment.

    The order was ready. She took it out to "the man." Suzie 103 put on a blank stare and set the

plate in front of him.

    "Ask her to spend time with you later and touch her hand." She ignored the rising temps and

internal turmoil. "I am not programmed to respond to that question," she said as she withdrew

her hand. "Would you like anything else?"

    The investigator paused, tapped his fingers, drew in a breath and whispered, "False alarm,

she's clear." 

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