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Beach fantasies don't always turn out the way we imagine they will...
Warning: Story contains depictions of sexual violence and rape. Do not read if you are sensitive to or easily offended by such material.


It is late in the morning on a Tuesday. Kelly enjoys going to the beach at this time because all the kids are in school and most adults are working, so there is hardly ever anybody there. She packs up a light bag with a towel, and hikes the short distance down to the beach in flip flops, enjoying the cool morning breeze. By the time she arrives, it is usually warm enough to swim.

Today, she makes her way across the beach, sinking in with each step, her sandals dragging. She leans down and takes them off, feeling the fine, cool sand between her toes, not yet warmed by the sun. When she gets closer to the water, she picks a smooth spot free of sticks and lays down her towel. She finds some smooth rocks and uses them to weigh down the corners so that the wind wouldn't blow it away. Then she unbuttons her shorts and slides them off, leaving them in a heap by her backpack.

Finally, she removes her shirt, and stands there in a bikini - the kind with drawstrings holding it together at her hips, and tiny triangles that barely hold in her fairly sizable breasts. She isn't bothered by this lack of coverage though - on the contrary, she likes how the bathing suit pushes her breasts up and highlights her curves. Also, she knows that no one is likely to see her here at this time, and isn't worried about drawing attention - on a weekend, she might have reconsidered and gone with the one piece. But for now, she is free to wear whatever skimpy outfit she wants.

She takes a bottle of sunscreen out of her pack and begins applying it, making sure to coat every inch of her long, pale legs. Kelly hates the smell of the stuff, and takes extra care not to get any sand on her hands lest she coat herself with grit. She covers her face, getting as close to the eyes as she dares, hoping that she doesn't forget later and accidentally rub her eye. She runs her hands over every part of her body, with the exception of the three scant triangles of material, smoothing the oily substance over the tops of her boobs, around her waist, even on the small bit of butt that the tiny bathing suit isn't quite able to cover.

When she is sure that she is thoroughly oiled, she tosses the bottle onto her pile of clothes, and starts walking quickly towards the waves.

He feet find purchase as she walks on the wet sand, the ground growing colder as she approaches the water. Finally, she is at the edge, a surge of shallow water rushing towards her. She braces herself, then steps into it, screaming delightedly at the shock of cold on her feet.

As she acclimates to the new temperature, she splashes with each step, deeper and deeper into the water. Now a small wave is rushing towards her shins. When it hits, it surges up to her knees. She can feel her feet going numb, shutting out the cold. She wades in further.

Now she is up to her waist, which is fine. But a wave is approaching quickly, and it is much larger out here, white water rumbling, tumbling over the previous wave. She digs her feet into the sand and leans into it, gasping as freezing water slams into her bare belly. Now her boobs are wet, and she can feel her nipples hardening uncomfortably in the cold. They are clearly visible through the thin material of her bathing suit, as it clings to her skin.

Now there is no going back - she holds her breath and dives, coming back up gasping and shivering, the waves lifting her up and down as they pass. Now she is approaching the area where waves become vicious, and she must be on her guard so as not to get rolled. She scans the horizon, watching for the first wave she must face.

She spots the bulge of a new wave headed her way, and watches it grow, judging where she needs to be to avoid being knocked over.

The secret to riding a wave is to dive under and through, so that it can't hit you, or to jump over it before it breaks. If you happen to hit the wave just as it is breaking, it will slap you in the face and overpower you, dragging you under to be slammed against the sand. The best part of swimming in the ocean is if you can get past the breaking point, and then simply roll over each bulge as it passes, enjoying the sensation of being lifted up as it goes by.

However, as it happened, Kelly was at the exact wrong spot, and the wave coming towards her was a big one.

A second before the wave hits her, she knows that this is not going to be pleasant. She takes in a panicked breath of air, and makes a last-ditch attempt to jump over the wave. But it is too powerful.

The wave slams into her and water goes directly up her nose. Her feet lose purchase and she is dragged under and rolled against the ocean floor. She struggles to slow herself against the sand and stand up, but the moment she does, another wave is upon her and she goes back under water. She swims hard against the waves, trying to get to that sweet spot, the spot where waves are just loving currents, picking you up and setting you down gently. She sees another wave approaching fast, and dives, making her body a pencil, slicing through the wall of force to the other side. She swims on.

Finally she makes it and stands on her toes, head barely sticking out above the water. Each time a wave rolls by, she treads water until she can touch the bottom again. By the time she has caught her breath, she realizes that her boobs are sticking out, and her bathing suit bottoms are missing. She quickly pulls her triangles back up. Then she turns and looks frantically for her suit bottoms, with no luck. They must have come untied in all the violent wave action.

So there she sits in the water, bare, trying to think what she should do now. Her eyes look towards the beach, hoping against all hope that she might see them floating around somewhere. She can feel the cold of the ocean in places where she never felt it before, the current of each wave bringing a fresh bout of cold between her legs.

Just as she decides that the best course of action is to swim back and grab her towel, she notices that she is no longer the only person on the beach. In fact, a man is swimming towards her, effortlessly navigating the same waves that tumbled her.

Before she has time to think, the man has reached her. She hopes that he can't see anything under the water.

"Hey there! Enjoying the waves? Bit cold out today, huh?"

She shivers and stutters back, "Y-y-yeah, but it's alright...k-kind of refreshing, ya know?"

"I know what you mean! I love swimming in the ocean! There's nothing quite like it. My name's Paul, by the way."

"I'm K-k-kelly."

"You seem a little cold, Kelly. Want to play a game or something? Some swim tag? It'll warm you up!"

He playfully starts to swim toward her, and she panics, swimming away. "No stop! Please... I don't want to play..."

But he is faster than her, and before she can stop him, he has dived at her. She tries to get away, unintentionally causing his hand to brush her naked hip instead of the shoulder it would have hit.

She watches his face transform as he realizes what he just touched. Then he grins and smirks knowingly.

"What happened, Kelly, wave steal your knickers?" he laughs. "That's okay though. I don't mind."

Kelly is blushing furiously, embarrassed by her predicament, wishing she could sink into the ocean and hide. She didn't like people seeing her in skimpy clothes, much less with no bottoms!

"Please, I just need to get back to the beach and get my towel... if you could just look away while I swim back..."

"But Kelly - I want to play a game! It's no fun if you leave. Stay and swim with me a bit."

"No, I'm really not comfortable with that," Kelly starts to say, but just then, Paul reaches out and grabs her wrist. He pulls her towards him, then grabs the tie on her bikini top and pulls it loose. She automatically reaches up to hold her top in place, but Paul grabs the front and yanks it free, throwing it over the water to land with a slap several feet away.

Naked, Kelly screams and struggles, splashing Paul in the face and kicking out, trying to get away. But Paul again latches onto her wrist and wraps his legs around her body so that she can't swim. She feels his hard-on against her hip through his swim trunks and struggles against his hold. But he is bigger and taller and a much better swimmer, and she is useless against him in the deep water.

He presses himself against her, humping her under the water, his erection throbbing as it jabs her body. His chest is rubbing against her boobs. Her nipples, already erect and sensitive in the cold, ache from this additional contact. He wraps his arm about her waist and holds her there while he hastily pulls down his shorts and leaves them floating in the water next to them. Now his penis urgently rubs against her thighs as he tries to position himself to penetrate her. His cock is large and she cries, denying and dreading what she knows will happen next.

She writhes, attempting to get away, but he pushes her head under, holding her there until she is almost out of breath. She stops trying to struggle and he lets her get some air.

"Play nice, Kelly," he whispers in her ear, "or accidents might happen. Games are always fun until someone gets hurt. You don't want me to hurt you, do you?"

Kelly sobs, shaking her head. "N-n-nooo..."

"Then be still. If you struggle again, it won't end well for you. And don't try to get away either. I am a faster swimmer, and there's no one on the beach right now to save you. Even if there are, we're too far from shore for anyone to see or hear you. Do you understand?"


"Okay then. I'm going to loosen my grip. Remember what I just said."

She feels his hold loosen. Then he turns her around, pressing his cock against her ass cheeks and grabbing her boobs. She floats, helpless, unable to resist out of fear.

He mauls her breasts, squeezing them and playing roughly with her nipples. He clearly enjoys how rigid they are, stroking them and tweaking them painfully. He licks her neck, softly biting her. One hand drifts down and slides over her trimmed bush into the folds of her sex. His fingers spread her lips, and she feels them slide into her, the cold digits a stark contrast to the warm inner parts of her vagina. All the while, his cock is lodged between her butt cheeks, rubbing between them, brushing her asshole.

As he moves his palm against her clit, fucking her with his fingers, she can't help but become aroused. Her bodily naturally responds to the stimulation, preparing her body to be penetrated. She is scared witless, but slowly the pleasure overcomes her, and she finds herself leaning into his touch. The waves carry them up and down in an endless rhythm as he molests her.

Finally, he grabs her ass and spreads it open, guiding his penis to her vagina. She feels the head of his cock there as he replaces his hand on her waist - then he pulls her forward and she feels his cock fill her.

As he begins to fuck her, he presses his thumb against her asshole, swirling it in circles, massaging it. She feels the strange, slightly painful sensation of his finger entering her butt. He fucks her in both holes, making her feel uncomfortably full. She waits for it to be over.

But he isn't done. He pulls out and re-positions his cock against her asshole. She starts to cry out in protest, but he thrusts, and she is silenced by the pain as he forces his way past her tight sphincter. The head pops in and he slides all the way up her ass. She gasps and screams as he starts to fuck her ass.

Then one of his hands wraps back around to her front and starts rubbing her clit. The contrast between the pain in her backside and the pleasure in her front is intense. She can't handle it. She cries out as she feels the wave building inside her. He fucks her more urgently as she bucks against his hand. As she comes, he slams into her, lodging himself as deep as he can, cock spasming and unloading into her bowels.

Then he pulls out and she gasps at the sudden emptiness. He pushes her away, leaving her to float.

"Well, it was nice playing with you Kelly. Good luck getting home. Maybe I'll see you here again sometime." Then he swims away toward the shore, not at all touched by the exhaustion she feels. Before she can even muster the strength to think about moving, he is gone.

Kelly lets the waves push her back to shore, unable to prevent them from rolling her. Her knees scrape against the sand. When she reaches the shallower water, she craws the rest of the way, not even caring if anyone sees her. When she reaches the beach, she stands up shakily and walks to her towel. She picks it up and wraps it about herself, with no care for the sand that now sticks to her body.

Sobbing uncontrollably, she pulls on her shorts and shirt, picks up her backpack, and goes home.

She files a police report, but they never find Paul. She still goes to the beach, but only on busy weekends. She never wears a bikini again.

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