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Voicing out the voice of humanity, speaking for poor Palestinians
Yes my 2 cents worth support but coz sth is better than no

My little 1st son is Ronaldo's fan. <br>
Ronaldo's pics and name is all over his books, cell phone wallpapers, T-shirts and diary.<br>
My son has an uncanny coincidental resemblance to Ronaldo too<br>
and he combs his bronze-blonde hair in the fashion of this starring handsome player.<br>
He happily told me Ronaldo supports Palestinian rights and is against Israeli bloodshed tyranny.<br>
He also told me how Ronaldo refused to swap Israeli T-shirts saying something like, 'there is blood of assassins in those shirts, meaning there was massacred Palestinian blood written on it.<br>
I'm totally not a sports geek but I did admire Ronaldo for his fair stand and support.<br>
Now comes the different part. My lil 2nd son has always been a Messi fan and similarly has messi pics all over his stuff. That is until he heard...<br>
this world cup 2014 where Messi openly stated he supported what Israel was doing.! He heard that just before the final World Cup match and since my lil son
ofcourse is a supporter of the oppressed Palestinian peoples of the Gaza strip he suddenly instantly turned against Messi. For the first time ever since he became his fan 3yrs ago he earnestly wished differently, i.e that Messi and his Argentina shouldn't win the world cup, for his unfair statement. He wished the neutral Germany win it rather, and booed Messi. Israel has been said to be going against the 'Geneva' Convention.<br>
His wish came true! Germany won the world cup.!<img src='/s/images/smile/happy.gif' /> We watched the tearful unhappy faces of the Argentine supporters and jubilant Germans then.<br>
My thoughts, 'I wish Israel and Palestine could coexist peacefully like older times.
For sake of fair-minded humanity and humane feelings consider this. The poor palestinian rockets are like an arrow against tanks and heavy artillery and bombs which the Israelis are deploying. Where should the palestinians go? And it's the vulnerable and the kids only who are injured and fatally wounded more.
Israel is a powerful Goliath and the palestinian are like David but one whose slingstones aren't causing a dent nor are they the cause of Israeli oppresion. The real reason is that Israel wants palestinians to disappear in the most cruel and inhuman way. On Allpoetry.com and Poemhunter.com sites I read lots of poems even by Non-Muslims in support of innocent Palestinians. The jews rabbis too themselves support palestinian rights to life and I saw their placards and demonstrations against Israeli tyranny and aggression, on news channels. Can't something be done by UN?:'( I cry for the videos I see of severly injured babies and kids. Ah.
I watched Palestinian kids with dismembered bleeding body parts, kids shot upon beaches and wailing mothers. Babies with blown out brains and purged intestines, found under shelled debris instead of cribs. Too gruesome to watch.
No fair.!!! It seems to be part of israeli constitution to wipe out the palestinians. Be fair minded oh onlookers the world over! How much land Israel has snatched and usurped from palestinians and brutally too! Do watch the map everyone. Where should palestnians go? What little land is left to them is also being threatened to be taken. Hamas killed a few israeli soldiers. WHAT'S THAT AGAINST 17OO Palestinan civilians, kids and women killd??? I WATCH CNN AND ALJAZEERA. Israel is not simply carrying out revenge attacks. It's carrying out the offensive ., bulldozing palestinian settlements. Why should hamas freedom fighters put up their legs and enjoy the scene? I hear all the time that U.S is helpin Israel with mod weapons. Palestnians need to fight for the land or they would be killed anyway by israeli unfair bulldozing advances. I'm totally against ISIS and Alqaeda satanists too for they are just like Israelis..

The palestinian defence is so weak in weaponry im honestly surprised they even managed to kill any israeli soldiers at all . Yet they killed a few israelis while the israelists massaccred thousands, what's 54 against 1700
palestinian dead??? And hamas killed israeli soldiers while israel kills civilians, women and kids. What do israelis get by killing kids playing on the beach.? Why are they cowards and not go in combat with hamas? Palestinians have nowhere to go, should they just sit quiet when tanks bulldoze their homes?. Can't they be alloted a little share of the land, a right to live, even if not a fair equal share.? Be fair before you judge this article, or don't say anything at all.
I'm just a young peaceloving Indian lassie but i hate to see the cruel bloodshed in the world and the UN paying deaf ears to it and feigning powerlessness unless it comes to be a matter of big bully countries and being their puppets and allies.

The pharoahs loom large and powerful, super powers like them. Which Moses will lead the world to peace? Peaceful solutions are needed.
Bye for now.
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