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Can we know God?
      Bob looked upon the spinning globe at the center of his round table.
      Mohammed sat to his right side as well as Jesus and Moses.
      To his left sat Ghadni Krishna and Thor...and the Devil.
      Bob folded his arms and sat back in his swivel chair ~

                          "The Earth is at the tipping point
                            Can we risk the extinction of all life
                            for the sake of one species?"

        Jesus plead for the humanity of civilization but was interrupted
        by Bill O'Rilley: "If you place your value in achievement you will increase
                                  your opportunity to succeed."

        "You cannot believe these humans are anything but pigs." the Devil snickered.
        "You can only change the world when you change yourself." Ghadni remarked.
        "We must rule them as we did with the fear of the Gods." Thor answered.
        "There is only one God." Mohammed glared at Thor.

        Bob rose up and spread out his hands over the globe ~

                          "Let's hit them with a solar flare and then strike
                          them with a meteor .. That will knock
                          them down the food chain."

        Bob's word was law and so it came to pass.

      Reflections: Eight hundred years passed before the celestial council
                          saw the same conflicts renewed before their eyes.
                          But, the wars were fought with swords and spears
                          and the land was greener for it.

      See : Johny Cash, Highway 61 and
                Steve Earl, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.
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