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by malik
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Story of a girl who got best and then the worst in her life
There is a jolt as an airplane lands, she wakes up in a hurry saying: "oh! we're here there" and thinking how pleasing it would be to step on my motherland after so long? what kind of welcome will be there?, I informed all my relatives, how eagerly awaited they will be? What will be the situation?  while she was just thinking this the hostess announced: "we have landed safely please take your luggage and step out of the plane". She being the most excited stood up and tried to pick up the luggage but couldn't reach the compartment. Watching this her father stood up and said: "have some patience lexy. Taking the luggage out she along with her father mother and two of the siblings steps out of the lounge. A middle aged man dressed in baggy clothes came closer and said to her father: "hey sam welcome back".

Sam gave a warm hug saying:" hi brother you were badly missed". Afterwards on reaching home sam distributed the gifts among his friends. Lexy aong with Haris and Iana joined sam n his wife ziana on the dinner table. After desserts everyone goes to bed. Next morning Sam goes to find a job and ziana starts finding a suitable 4 bedroom house for rent in newspaper. Days passed Sam got the job and shifted in a house. Haris iana and lexy joined the school. Lexy, on her very first day at school was standing in the corridor when she heard someone: "oh my! oh my God! lex is this you?" Lex turns around and sees a boy with a cigarette in his mouth and spooky hairstyle,dressed in red shirt and grey shorts. Lexy in a surprised way looks at him replying in a little hesitation:"yeah".

Alex:"you don't remember me. Do you? "

Judging by her expressions "yeah you don't. I'm Alex Reid, we used to live in the same colony before you went on an American project. Lexy in a surprise: "oh yea Alex how can I forget you. You're the one with whom I used to go at Daniels home and then all the way to park". On reaching home lexy thinks how lucky I am to find my childhood friend on a very first day of my school. Days passed reminding each other all the childhood fun. It was weird to become such good friends in no time.

Alex: "you remember that fat art teacher? "

Lexy: "yeah of course!  She was too noisy, yet very concerned.  She used to visit me in hospital every weekend when I got hurt because you pushed me off the fence. "

Alex: "yes and you saved me with a lie" winks at her.

Lexy: "such precious memories"

Alex: "we can bring them back" walks away in a hurry.

Lexy on reaching home thinks what did Alex mean by this? "Well whatever" she murmured in a casual way. 

                New year celebrations started in the school.  As per routine lexy and Alex were working together.  Fireworks display was under their control. 

Alex in a sarcastic way, "you won't be able to ignite a single one."

Lexy, "excuse me!  Is that a challenge? "

Alex Knowing her offensive nature, still said, "this is not your thing."

This made compulsive for her to prove him wrong and putting her fears aside she displayed the best ever fireworks.

Halet, a friend of his, "she did it bro. You lost the challenge. "

Alex, giving him a look "I actually won."

Lexy ,"huh! Over smart."

Alex, "this party success calls for another party"

Mark enters the room,"I heard someone said PARTY"

Alex,"here comes the party lover" winks" lexy meet mark my crazy times mate. And where is our shy boy?"

Mark nodes,"i don't know. He must've been busy with his romantic, stupid poetry."

Alex,"hey stop ok? He's a future of poetry. I know where he is. You guys wait let me bring our third  musketeer." Leaves the room. Mark finding lexy alone and quiet tries to make her comfortable. 

Mark,"so. You know Alex since primary school? "

Lexy hesitantly, "yes. "

Mark in a great confidence, "but I'm sure you don't know him more than i do. We were born best friends. "

Alex entering the room,"tadaa! Here comes my most intelligent buddy. Lexy meet harry. Harry!  Lexy!"

Harry,"hi, nice to meet you. " cheers. Alex interrupting, "don't worry lex he's always this much formal." Winks again.

All four of them were sharing some good old memories,  suddenly Mark's phone rings. 

Mark on the phone, "hello, yes speaking. Sure.sure we'll be there. " hangs up the phone "it's a case call."

Alex, "okay lex we have to go now.  Go home safely,  see you tomorrow.  Bye"  saying this leaves her in the room alone with both of his musketeers.  Lexy wonders who was on the call?  What was such a hurry? she went home,tells her father how well the day went.

Days passed, their friendship became stronger. All those school fun,after school activities and late night talks made her life beautiful but their suspicious behavior used to disturb her. A day came when she decided to ask them about all the confusions she had in her mind. Alex reaches school, sees lexy and says,"hey lex, looking beautiful as always." winks. lexy."ah stop winking, I've to ask something serious."

Alex,"of course of course I'm listening." comes near to her. lexy hesitates and finally says,"you get the phone calls, something comes up ALWAYS and you along with your friends disappear. Is there something i don't know and I should?"

Alex stands there in a deep silence. and in a hurry  he tries to ignore a question.

Alex,"oh my God its nine past five we're late for class. mark and harry are already in class. lets go lets go."

lexy looking at her watch,"oh yes we are late,we better hurry or the lecture hall will be closed." both of them reaches the class and Alex messages Mark and Harry "it's time"

During the history lecture Mark passes a piece of paper to Alex. It had written on it

"lets meet up at 9 p.m. A surprise for Lexy. it's your duty to bring her there. let's open it up."

Alex nodded in favor to his note.

Alex,"hey Lex text your dad you'll be late today."

Lexy,"late? why?"

Alex,"it's a surprise." winks "you want to know the things right?"

Lexy,"yeah of course but...."

Alex interrupted, "just text him." and left the class.

Marks leave right after him but Harry is busy in listening to the history of Ottawa empire. "What a bore poor little chap" she thought. Bell rings. Everyone rushes out of class except Harry. He completes his notes and starts packing his bag. Lexy goes to cafeteria meanwhile. while eating suddenly watches Alex and Mark sitting in a corner busy in some serious discussion. walking on her toes, Lexy tries to scare them but hears Mark saying, "Are you sure we can trust her?" Alex in his confidence proudly says, "yes, of course. I'm sure she can handle it." listening to this she walks back on her toes just like the way she came and started thinking what it can be? Its half past 5 and she's lost in her thoughts. Alex watches her sitting there all lost, goes to her and asks her politely what she was thinking? She suddenly gets confused and thinks, I can"t tell him I listened to his conversation. Before she answers, while she was thinking what to say, Alex throws a question "would you like to come home and meet my Dad? He was very happy to hear I found you after so many years again. He's still your fan." winks. 
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