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Itsuke is a not so bright student and Ryuusuke is his tutor. But are they really studying?
Chapter one: We're all in fault

Ryuunosuke. Ryuunosuke. Ryuu.... ''It's a perfect name..''

Itsuke plopped himself onto his bed holding close a jacket that seemed about two sizes bigger than what he would wear. Holding the jacket to his nose he let out a sigh. Itsuke blushed brightly as he looked down to see that he had started to get a hard on just from the smell of his crushes jacket. ''Shit...he'll be here any minute..'' He glanced at the clock on his wall above the door then back at his crotch.

I got to do what I got to do...

He pulled his jeans down to his ankles as he sat up on the edge of his bed. Slowly he pulled his member form his boxers and a wave of shame passed through him. ''No, Its not my faaault!'' He squeezed his eye closed and realized it wasn't gonna help his hard on go away. ''Ryuuosuke...you..jerk...'' He said slowly stroking his cock moaning between his words. Suddenly a knock on his down made him jump. ''Itsuke-kun..? You here?'' Panicing out of his mind he jumped up and locked his door without thinking. ''Itsuke?! Stop playing let me in! It's time for your lesson!'' The male voice said in a harsh but almost sleepy tone.

''H..hold on Ryuunosuke..'' Itsuke said wearily jerking himself off as fast as he could putting his hand of hi mouthtrying not to make any sound.

Why right now! Of all times! Go away Ryuuno..just for now...

''I'm coming in!'' Ryuunosuke said as an unlocking sound came from the door. Ryuunosuke stopped in his tracks when the door opened and his eyes widened. Itsuke blushed deeply at the tall slender man with dense black hair and green eyes that entered his room. ''Can't you do these personal things when we don't have a lesson?'' He said trying to hide the fact that he too had gotten turned on. Ryuunosuke cleared his throat and sat at a desk across the room crossing his legs. ''I...I'm sorry ....'' Itsuke stuttered quickly pulling up his pants. The man fixed the glasses perched on his nose and stood up walking over to Itsuke. ''I must say...you were quite cute when I came in..''

What is he saying! He has to be kidding!!!

''Say, Itsuke..Can I play with you before we get to work..?'' Ryuunosuke grabbed his wrist gently sitting on the bed he pulled the boy into his lap. ''Itsuke....'' His words resonated in the boy ears. ''Ryuunosuke...stop...'' He whined slightly but he knew he really wanted to keep going. The man gently began nibbleing the boys his hand began sliding under the boys white button up that was part of his schools uniform. ''Nnnhh....Ryuuno..stopp,.mm..'' Ryuunosuke grinned Itsuke's reaction. ''But your enjoying this.'' He said moving his other hand to the boys already hard crotch. ''Ahhh...'' Itsuke gasped at his touch.

''More...'' Itsuke whimpered. ''Thats what I like to hear now..'' Ryuunosuke grinned as he flipped the boy over laying him on his stomach. ''Hey! be gentle!'' He snapped looking over his back blushing, but Ryuunosuke just rolled his eyes. Kissing down the boys back he pulled down his pants once again along with his boxers... (to be continued)
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