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Colors may do more than just colors.
Dylan lay on the psychologist’s lounge chair talking about his emotional state. He looked at the ceiling as his mind drifted around various thoughts.

“It’s strange; at one moment I’m happy and the next I’m scared or angry. It makes no sense,” Dylan said.

“Where are you when you feel an emotion?; like anger for example.”

“I was driving in my car at total peace, then this guy cuts me off and his red break lights came on as he stopped abruptly. I stared at the break lights just enflamed with anger. Could this be a part of my schizophrenia?”

The psychologist folded his hands as he sat on a chair and leaned forward. “When was the last time you felt jealous?”

Dylan replied confused. “Why is that important?”

“Just answer the question.”

“I was looking at a green Honda that some other guy had.”

“Dylan, have you heard of the Furgost theory?” The psychologist put his hand on his chin as spoke.


“It will sound crazy. Zangief Furgost believed that invisible beings called Realm Dwellers. He theorized that these beings used color to control and manipulate humans.”

“That is science fiction. He was loony.”

“Just listen,” the psychologist spoke in a low tone.”

“He thought that people with mental illnesses are more attune to the influence. He also said that schizophrenics and such can resist and push back there power. Have you not heard of the phrases white with fear, green with envy or red with rage? ”

“That is a thought to consider.”

The psychologist made his last comment. “The next time you get over emotional, notice the color before you then shut your eyes for fifteen seconds. Then see what happens. Our time is up. Goodbye Dylan.”

“See yah doc.”

That same day he Dylan had a dentist appointment. All was boding well when he sat down on the dentist’s chair. Then the overhead white bright light came on. Suddenly he was afraid that a bad accident was going to happen with the got his root canal. Then he remembered from before and closed his eyes for several seconds. Then he opened them and felt he could resist the fear behind the light.

“It worked!” Dylan exclaimed     

At his next visit he told his psychologist all that had occurred.

“That is great news!”

“It is. Tell me; where do these beings come from?”

“Another dimension or world. It is not known.

Dylan spoke his mind. “What other emotions are tied in with other colors?”

“It is further theorized that the Realm Dwellers prey on men with seven different negative emotions. “Pink, for example, might be used as a tool for the emotion of sexual arousal or blue could be used as an apparatus for sadness,” explained the psychologist. 

“What about other people with no mental disabilities,” asked Dylan.

‘”Unfortunately people like me cannot separate the feeling from the color so distinctly as you. Instead we do it on a subconscious level.”

“What do these invisible beings want?” asked Dylan.

“It appears they just want to torment humans.”

“If I’m able to push back these influences, is it possible to go off my meds?”

“No, you would be overwhelmed,” the psychologist was adamant.

“Okay, well it was good to see you again doc. Next time.”

As Dylan walked out of the office building she saw an old woman that appeared very sad.

“She’s looking at the blueness of the lake water. I’ll help her.”

Dylan strode right in front  of the woman breaking her line of sight with the Realm Dwellers influence and consciously resisted the sad aura. Then when Dylan had turned around, the woman’s face was happy as he smiled and asked her savior a question. “Are you an angel? I was so sad and then as soon as you came stood in front of me and I was happy again. I was just so sad an then when you came to me I was happy again! I was just thinking about something I should have laid to rest a long time ago. My husband died three year ago. Whoever you are, thank you!”  The woman got up and embraced him.

On Dilan’s next appointment he sake a question. “Does all  this mean that colors are bad?” 

“Absolutely not. It is possible to enjoy the whole pallet of colors of nature. It what is behind that makes a person feel a bad emotion.”  The psychologist then followed up with his own question. “No that you know about this, what will you do?”

“I will gather people like me, wo have mental illnesses, and wage war against the Realm Dwellers. I must be secret though. May I begin with your other clients?” 

“Just do it apart from me out of the office. Oh, and tell no one of our realization concerning me.”

  Then Dylan got up and proclaimed his mission.  “Good. The battle against the Realm Dwellers begins.”

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