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In a city where crime is around every corner welcome to LOVEJOY CITY.This is my own story.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .                                            Prologue:  DARK PRAYER.     
Well well hello there my friend                                                                                                                              Would you care for a little drink or maybe a taste of my all natural blend
    As smoke bellows up from my pipe I look up at you and smile.
      As you tell me that Mary Jane is not your style
                              No?  You say.
                You rather here about my day?
                  HaHa just imagine if you will,
              A psycho mad man of steel.
                    A poet of a deadlier kind.
              A Mad Man that speaks his mind.
            A man who has not the time.
        For I'm about to drop this dime
    about a woman in her prime
    as you see this is not a dull  little rhyme.
      so open your mind and later  look for the signs
                    As  I sit on  the edge of town
                  waiting for the sun to go down.
              watching my prey Miss Cherry Lay
waits patiently  for her pay, pondering to herself to many hours in the day.
                    As the day fades to night and she stands under the street lights.
                                  whisper not enough hours in the night.
Like little ants the johns gather around spiting there best line till I drive up like her white knight.
you know the one in shining armor, the one to rescue her,the one who she believes will buy her diamond rings and fur.
Hahaha yes sir its me that she picked as the others walk away ticked.
        But what I'll do next will make you sick!
                    In private we lay
        Not bothering to talk about our day.
    As she gets on her knees and do what she does best.
Making me moan not think of anything but rest
After I make my mess.
As I drive in home my grip tightens as a simple breath she tries to fight.
  With no delay her life line fades and her light is no more.
Her angelic face now twisted in a horrific silent scream.
              She realizes that this is not a dream.
Her light shines no more as I think to myself not enough hours in the night.
(Note: I know that I used here and not hear. So yes its on purpose my friends.)
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