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Something to learn from suffering with several "invisible illnesses."

Recently, and I do mean “recently” a strange realization came to.  Due to my own experience with “Invisible Illness” I have been able to see three faces of

1) Where I have been before my illness.
2) Where I am now due to my illness.
3) Where I am going with the illness

I am aware this sounds a little bit odd, but if you find yourselves reading this, please read the three realizations that have been shown to me.  I have prayed, read the Bible, prayed some more, read the Bible more.  This morning as I was sitting outside on the porch with my steaming cup of coffee, listening to the birds singing, watching the trees dance with the soft breeze, soaking in all the various colors God used to paint the world with, and talking with God, he revealed this to me. 
Unless you read all three of these they will me meaningless to you.  I hope that you read these and feel what I feel.
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