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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2005202
Mario, an evil tyrant is ruling over the land and it is up to Link to stop him.
The Chronicles of Mushroomia
Chapter 1: The people of the Mushroom kingdom have been beaten down and broken in the wake of their King Koopa's recent defeat, they are in the worst economic downfall they've experienced in years and they have a power-hungry tyrant ruling over them, a tyrant know as Mario. And as their new emperor speaks the words echo throughout the courtyard, "Behold my Subjects, I am the great Mario, slayer of Bowser, and your new ruler. You now all belong to me, and all those that dare oppose will be slain." As Mario recedes back in to the castle the crowd gathered begins to whimper at this madman's new found power. Far off, In the land of Hyrule a young boy is setting off with his princess on a journey to the colorful palaces of the Mushroom Kingdom, little does he know this "colorful" kingdom is under the uncanny rule of a madman. And so Link and Zelda set of towards the Mushroom Kingdom. As Link and his beloved Princess are traveling through the Desert Hills they are approached by a group of Mario's guards, when questioned Link replies, " We are travelling to the glorious halls of the Mushroom Kingdom.", the guards quickly state that none are allowed entry unless approved by Mario first, and so the guards leave to go ask their emperor about the mysterious new visitors. Hours pass and the guards do not come back, nightfall approaches and Link states that the desert can reach incredibly low temperatures at night, so he fixes a tent and him and Zelda go in trying to receive warmth from a nearby lantern. They both fall in to a deep slumber, until Link is awoken by screams he wakes up to discover that his beloved Princess is being kidnapped by Mario's royal guards he approaches them, draws his sword and prepares for battle. Link and the guards have a brief scrimmage in which it appears Link has the upper hand, until he is knocked out from behind by a guard with a hammer. When Link wakes up, his first sights are a group of odd characters looking down over top of him, he stands up and begins to observe his surroundings more carefully, and then a dark revelation comes upon him, he is in prison.

Chapter 2: As Link pries his eyes away from the bars he notices the other prisoners, likely put there because of false Judgment by Mario. When he looks around he sees many he has heard of in stories travelers have told him, Steve, Ike, Kratos, Spike, and the infamous Donkey Kong. Before Link can speak any words he is picked up by the brute Donkey Kong, who states "So, you're my new challenger, how pathetic, I'll make your demise quick.", but as the brutish ape is speaking one of Mario's guards commands him to stop, and so he throws Link up against the wall and walks away. As Link lies there startled and in pain one of the Prisoners helps him up, he soon realizes it is the famous Monkey catcher, Spike. Spike asks Link how he is feeling and apologizes for Donkey Kong's behavior, he sits Link down and offers him some water, Link declines. Spike then introduces himself, "Anyway, my name is Spike, what's yours?", Link states that he already knows who Spike is and states his name. They shake hands and then Spike introduces Link to the other prisoners as well as the different parts of the cell. Later that night all the prisoners, in exception to Donkey Kong, are sitting around a small fire that Steve started. Link soon discovers that his assumption about Mario miss-judging them was wrong, most of them were major offenders, Steve had blown a large hole in the wall of Mario's palace, Ike and Kratos had killed over 50 of Mario's royal guards, and Spike had captured Mario's royal monkey. When asked what his crime was Link had no real reply, so he told them his story and Donkey Kong replied with this, "Jealousy, Mario is Jealous of your oh so beloved Princess, so he stole her from you, he did the same to me long ago, and made it look as if I had been the one that captured her. And I have been rotting in this prison ever since." After that everyone grew very quiet and went to sleep. The next morning Link awoke to all the Prisoners bustling about the cell to the Small staircase that led outside, Link quickly began to follow them as they reached the surface Link prepared to run, but he soon realized that there were guards waiting there to kill them, Link began to get confused. The Guards eventually led them to a small shack, in which all the prisoners rushed to a shelf and acquired something, Link could see not through the crowd of people in the small shack. Eventually the other prisoners cleared out and Link realized that the shelf was stocked full of weapons, as well as the rest of the shack, the guards began rushing the prisoners out of the shack and so Link grabbed a nearby sword. They then walked out onto a field surrounded by bleachers of screaming people, and in a box overtop of all the bleachers sat Mario with his equally as devious brother, Luigi standing beside him. The guards began to sort the prisoners into groups, Link got paired up with Steve, Kratos got paired up with Ike, and Donkey Kong got paired up with Spike. Link, still confused, shouted over to Spike and asked him what's going on and Spike replied, "Isn't it obvious? This is a Gladiator Arena. We have to fight to the death."

Chapter 3: Link is shocked at this statement, and he slowly begins to look towards his partner, and he sees that the usually quiet and mild-mannered Steve has a rage in his eyes, a gaze of utter pure anger. Mario stands up and shouts out to his subjects, "I am truly honored to show you this spectacle that you see today, this will surely be a battle that will be spoken of for years to come, for today, the long time victor Donkey Kong will face the rising star Spike. Not to mention our newest contestant, Link, a savage warrior from the distant land of Hyrule! This will truly be a most violent and brutal day, and contestants... may you fight well." And so Mario sits back down upon his throne and a Koopa wearing a long cloak stands up, "Let the games...begin!", the absolute aggression and anger that ensues is enough to make even the strongest of men cower in fear. Steve charges at Link waving his sword around with amazing speed, Link blocks a blow with the blade of his sword, and he briefly glances over towards the other contestants Kratos has Ike down on his knees and bleeding, soon Steve strikes again, this time striking Link against the cheek, but before Link can react Steve strikes again, slashing Links shoulder and causing blood to fly. Link can barely feel his arm and soon begins to feel light-headed, he briefly glances over at the other contestants but his vision is so blurry he can't make out who is who. Steve goes in for another attack but this time Link dodges the blade and strikes Steve against the leg, causing him to limp, Steve tries to go for Link again but this time Link goes for Steve's other leg, causing him to barely be able to walk, and finally as Steve lie there bleeding and in pain, Link states, "I'm sorry." as he drives his sword into Steve's chest, killing him. Link looks at the others, his vision now slightly better and sees that Ike is lying on the ground dead, and that Donkey Kong has Spike by the throat, about to kill him, Link attempts to run in, but Kratos stops him stating, "We let the emperor decide.", Mario stands up and with tension growing extends his thumb upwards, Donkey Kong drops Spike on the ground and begins to slowly walk back towards the cell. Link has his injuries treated by a doctor while in the cell as do the other contestants, except for Donkey Kong, who appears to have no Injuries. Link then confronts Spike holding him up against the wall, "Why didn't you tell me we had to KILL each other!", "I... I thought...I... don't know!", "You don't know, you don't know, I had to kill a man today!", at that moment Donkey Kong cuts in, "And it wasn't the first time, was it?", Link lets go of Spike, and stares at Donkey Kong with an expression of awe, how did he know that Link had once killed? "I know a killer when I see one, and I've seen enough.", said Donkey Kong. It was true, Link had once had to kill when he was a boy, an intruder had broken into the village he was living and had killed the residents of and burnt down a local house, when Link came to confront him he pulled a sword on him, Link grabbed a pitchfork out of a nearby has stack and plunged it into the intruders neck, he had killed before.
Chapter 4: As Mario walked down into his Dungeon he thought, "Finally a woman who fears my power, not one who challenges it.", he got a guard to open the cage that held the princess he had received from the Desert Hills, Princess Zelda. The moment the cage was opened she went straight for Mario scratching and hitting, but the guard held her back, she was feisty Mario liked feisty. Zelda was thrown back in her cage and then she asked, "Why am I in here?!", "Well Princess, you see, my beloved Peach has grown less fond of me in light of recent events, yet I still YEARN for love, and that's where you come in, so, will you love me?", replied Mario, "Got to hell!" says Zelda as she spits on Mario, "She'll come around.", says Mario as him and the guard walk away. Back in the cell, Spike is explaining the rules of the fights to Link, "So once a fighter defeats the reigning champ, in this case Donkey Kong, they get to choose any one in the Kingdom to fight, now if they choose the emperor and beat him they get set free, but if they don't they have to keep fighting. Defeating Mario is close to impossible though, Donkey Kong's tried it 4 times, failed everyone of them.", Donkey Kong grunts in the background. Link states that he is still upset about Steve, Spike claims, "Yeah me too, he was gonna' break me out.", they both chuckle.
Chapter 5: Link couldn't sleep for two night because he knew this day was coming, the next fighting day, that morning they all shuffled out to the small shack, grabbed their weapons and made it to the field. Link was certain he was going to get paired up with Kratos and he was dreading every moment of it, Kratos was a fierce fighter and he knew he would likely die if he fought him. But as they were being paired up, Link was shocked, shocked because he had to fight his only friend, he had to fight Spike. They both looked at each other, and Link knew he was thinking the same thing as he was, they both lowered their heads, and then they heard the speech, and as those words echoed throughout the stadium, Link gave Mario a stare, a stare that could only be described as a stare of complete hatred. And then the battle begun, but both Link and Spike stood there, they didn't move, they couldn't move. Link may have been able to kill that Intruder and Steve, but Link could never kill a friend, and neither could Spike, they both dropped their weapons and at that point, the heard a terrible scream, they turned to see Donkey Kong ripping Kratos in half, the screaming stopped the blood flew, and then it was just those three. A couple of audience members and guards screamed at Link and Spike to fight, but they didn't. Then Mario got up and spoke out, "What are you doing you fools! Fight! Kill! Win!", but they did nothing. Then at that moment Link gathered all the might he could into a scream and he screamed, "I will not Fight! And I am not a Fool! I would never kill my friend! No Matter what punishment you give me!", everyone fell silent. Mario mad a gesture with his hand towards Luigi, at that moment all the guards pulled their weapons, but Link and Spike did not flinch, nor would they. As the Guards approached both prepared for battle, but no battle came, Mario called off his guards and called the prisoners back to their cells. And Link and Spike both walked off, very much alive.
Chapter 6: Mario was furious, "How DARE he issue such an act of defiance! That fool!", "What do you suggest we do, brother? If we let him by without punishment the rest of your subjects might try to defy you as well. Perhaps we should execute him, publicly.", "No...no with most that would work, but not this one, no this one cannot be broken by death, at least... not his. Back at the cell Link slept the best he had slept in days, but he was awoken that night by the sound of voices and metal, when he woke up he saw a sight he would never forget, one of Mario's guards was down in the cell with a blade plunged into Spike's chest, Link was frozen in horror, then when the guard looked up to Link he whispered, "Defiance will not be tolerated.", the guard then walked away. Link got out of bed held Spike in his arms and Spike, on the verge of death said, "Link...I'm dying, Link... there's no stopping that...but you can...you can stop Mario, I want you to...I want you to break out of here... and I want you to kill him. Then the moment he finished, Spike died in Link's arms.

Chapter 7: There was no funeral for Spike, no one really cared about him, except for Link, he didn't have any family, he didn't have a will, the biggest thing they did for him was drag his body out of the cell and throw it into the ocean. After that the cell seemed pretty lonely, Donkey Kong just sat in the corner all the time and occasionally mumbled, "This time Mario, this time.", Link hadn't thought about what he would do when he fought Donkey Kong, he was pretty sure he was going to die, but then he thought of Zelda and Spike, and then he realized he couldn't die. He had to honor Spike and save Zelda, he HAD to. But, he couldn't kill Donkey Kong he was just a guy that was framed for something he didn't do, he just wanted love and he was punished for it. The day before the final fight Link came up to Donkey Kong and said, "Listen Kong I... I know we don't get along that well and all, but I don't want to kill, you I understand you just wanted Peaches' love and-", but Link didn't finish, because Donkey Kong just started laughing, and then he said, "You think that story about me and the princess was true? It was just a sob-story, I was just messing with you physiologically, so you would lose some of your drive to kill me. I didn't put in here because of peach, I got put in here because I tried to kill Mario, I've despised him ever since he burned my forest down and left me for dead, and tomorrow I'll finally get my chance to kill him and YOU.", and then he receded back to his corner. This new information shocked Link, but also it built up a hatred inside him and in the final fight he is going to use that hatred against his enemies, he is going to win.

Chapter 8: As Zelda sat in her cell staring at the ground she heard nothing but silence, a silence that was soon interrupted by the sounds of footsteps, footsteps that belonged to one of the guards, he opened the cell, put handcuffs on Zelda and led her out, "Where are you taking me?", she asked. "Lord Mario wishes for you to watch the fight today, you get to sit next to him in his personal balcony. When Zelda finally arrived to the balcony, she realized they were not going to be the only two there, there was Mario's brother Luigi, gazing out at the field and then there was Peach hovering around Mario, giving him fake affection, and then there was another, King Harkinian, King of Hyrule and Zelda's father, she ran towards him but was stopped by a guard. "So I see you've made it my sweet", said Mario, "I trust you had a good voyage", Mario said as he made a threatening gesture towards the guard that brought her there. "I assume you've seen your father, he was just here to discuss the arrangements of our marriage.", "There will be no marriage, I won't have my daughter marry a madman she does not love.", said the King. "A madman... a madman... well tell me Harkinian... should you insult a madman who could have you killed by simply clapping his hands!", said Mario. Then Mario clapped his hands and a guard beheaded the King, Zelda knelt down overtop the king a wept, "Now now, don't get sentimental, he was going to die anyway, now come, the Game is about the begin."

Chapter 9: That day when Link walked out to the shack he did so with more haste and vigor than ever before. Once he got there he made sure he had a large supply of weapons, he got his usual sword, he got two dagger, and he got a battle axe that felt very heavy in his hands. Then when he walked out on the battlefield, Mario gave a different speech, "Ah here we are, we made it to the final match! It was long and painful but these fighters have withheld high hopes, dreams of vengeance, dreams of freedom, dreams of love(he said as he turned to Zelda), today will be a day of dreams, today will be a day of destiny." Then the fight began, Link had gone over how he was going to take Donkey Kong on all night, but apparently Donkey Kong had done the same for Link because when Link executed his maneuver Donkey Kong pounded him into the ground, Link got up a barely had any time to react when Donkey Kong smacked him sending him half way across the field, then Link got up ducked under Donkey Kong's swirling arms and sliced at his torso with an amazing speed and accuracy, but it merely was a slight nuisance to Donkey Kong, he picked Link up and slammed him into the ground, and so he did again and again, but the Link to a mighty slash to Donkey Kong's upper forehead, causing blood to leak down into his eyes, temporarily blinding him, he dropped Link on the ground and Link began a flurry of slices at Donkey Kong's legs, but Donkey Kong, hit Link with a powerful punch and Link flew backward, Donkey Kong, limping from the cuts, charged at Link, but Link evaded the charge with a roll. Then Donkey Kong picked Link up as he did Spike and threw Link against the wall of the stadium, Link's bone were crushed, he had taken to many blows and could barely get up, Link awaited the death blow, but the blow didn't come. He lifted his head slightly and Donkey Kong was parading around, he thought he had won, but Link wasn't dead, Link had the perfect opportunity to strike, and so he did, he charged up on Donkey Kong jumped on his shoulders and dug his daggers in, but the ape caught him and flung him off. But Link came right back up and stabbed Donkey Kong in the chest, he had struck the apes heart, blood flew everywhere as the ape fell to the ground with a thud. Wounded and on the verge of death, Link finished the ape of by driving his sword into Donkey Kong's chest all the way down to the hilt. And in between the commotion of the crowd and Donkey Kong's dying screams, he heard Mario's voice, "And the new victor is...Link!", but then a revelation fell upon Link, he may be out of the frying pan but now he is in the fire.

Chapter 10: When asked who in the Kingdom he wanted to fight, Link had no hesitation in answering, he was going to defeat Mario, he was going to save Zelda, he was going to honor Spike."So mighty fighter, who do you wish to challenge?", asked Mario. "You, I wish to fight you Emperor.", "Very Well." When Mario came upon the Battlefield he was suited up in no armor, he had no shield, all he wielded was one sword, and that was ALL he needed. When the battle began, Link could hear a sound in the air, the sound of Mario swishing past him, Mario struck, a blow which Link met with the blade of his sword, then Mario struck again, a move which Link rolled away from, but the next flurry of attacks was something Link could not avoid , Mario struck with such speed and precision, that Link was cut majorly and the majority of his body, blood flowing out of him, Link tried a strike, one that was quickly met by Mario's blade and countered. Mario then hit Link with a mighty kick, one which landed on Link's jaw, causing him to spit out teeth, Link span around and his sword met Mario's torso, causing a cut on his side, Mario jumped in the air and came down with his blade which met Link's, Link charged Mario, slicing his arm, Mario pounced on Link, each side delivered blow after blow, until Mario caught Link of guard swept his legs out from under him and put his blade to his neck, Link to beaten and weak to resist was spared by Mario. The rest Link couldn't remember due to lack of consciousness, but when he woke up he was back in the cell, he didn't do it, he failed.

Chapter 11: Link got up and looked around the cell, sure enough he was alone, and he would be until more contestants came, but he couldn't wait that long, he couldn't. He walked by Spike's bed, and something caught his eye, it was a letter, apparently written by Spike the day he died. It took Link a while, could he read this knowing it was only hours before his friends death? But eventually he decided he would, the letter said," Dear Link, Listen I really appreciate what you did for me, and I imagine you appreciate what I did for you, but it won't last, by the end of tonight one of us is going to die. And I vote me, yeah that's right, when the guard comes down I'm going to offer myself, but I don't want you to let me die in vain, I want you to get out, kill Mario, I want you to honor me. Now, I bet you're thinking 'How?', Well underneath Steve's bed there is some TNT and a match to light the fuse with, yeah I wasn't joking about breaking out, you need to blow up the back wall of the cell and run into the forest, then from there you'll know what to do. Don't let me down, Link don't let me down.", when Link finished the letter he felt a sudden urge, he felt revived, he felt like escaping.
Chapter 12: When he looked under Steve's bed, sure enough there was TNT and a match, he waited until all the guards were gone and then he dragged the TNT out and placed it against the wall, he made sure the guards were gone again and then he lit the fuse. He stood back the wall blew up and from there he just ran, he ran, and he ran. He could hear the clank of the guards armor behind him, one got so close he almost touched Link, but then he kicked the guard. He eventually made it to the forest and the guards didn't follow, they just turned around and walked away. Now Link was alone, in the forest, and he had no idea what to do, the plan just said, "You'll know what to do", but Link didn't know, he had no idea, he couldn't go BACK, but going forward would mean going out into the wilderness unarmed. After taking a while to decide he finally decided to head into the forest, maybe there was a place he could stay or something, but there wasn't, no when Link stood on the mountain peek and stare out over the landscape, Link saw something he did not expect, he saw... a giant.
Chapter 13: Mario was sitting on his throne when he heard the news of the escaped prisoner. "What shall we do, Brother?", asked Luigi. "We shall let him go.", "What?!", "He will be of no threat to us, this is clearly a sign that he has given up, he was no match for the might of Mario and he knew it, so he fled into the woods, where he will likely die.", and so Mario dismissed Luigi and the guards, Mario thought he was untouchable, Mario thought he had won. In the forest Link had marveled at the size of the mighty giant, even more marvelous was the fact the giant was alive, Link knew it to be Valus a colossus that was killed long ago. Yet there it was roaming about, and then Link realized that this was what he needed, this was what he was going to use, he was going to use this colossus to defeat Mario. But first he had to tame it, a nearly impossible feat, and so Link jumped of the peak and latched on to the colossi's fur for dear life. He proceeded to climb up the colossus, up and up he went, and once he reached its head, he was lost, how to you tame something that 20 times as large as you are? But then Link remembered a story about a giant he had heard, in the story there was a chant you could whisper to a giant to tame it, but only sometimes it worked, if it didn't the whisperer would die instantly, so either way Link faced the danger of the giant. And so Link climbed down to the giant's ear and whispered the chant.

Chapter 14: As Princess Zelda sat in her cell, weeping at the death of her father, she heard a mighty rumble, a rumble that shook the castle and tore up the ground, she heard the rumble of a giant. Meanwhile, Mario was gathering up his forces, "What is the meaning of this?!", "S...Sir...Y...You have to see this.", replied a terrified guard. And when Mario followed the guard to the nearby terrace, he could understand his fear, approaching his castle was a mighty giant, large enough to break the impenetrable walls of the castle, and riding atop this mighty beast, was Link. As Link held on to the mighty giant for dear life, he could only think about Zelda and Spike, nothing could take his mind off of them, not even the screams of the terrified guards or the pounding of the giant's mighty feet. And then as he approached the walls of the castle, he commanded Valus to attack, and so Valus swung his mighty club and broke the wall into pieces. Then, as they marched into the castle grounds, Valus took another mighty swing, destroying the prison Link had once stayed in. And so Valus went destroying Mario's castle, eventually Link decided it was time he acted so he climbed of Valus and went through the enormous hole he made in the side of the castle. As Link trudged up the steps to where Mario's throne was he could hear nothing but the mighty crashes of Valus, then as he reached the doors of Mario's throne room he prepared himself for battle, as the doors opened he saw Mario, he prepared a charge but stopped when he realized Mario was holding Zelda at sword-point, "Ah, so I see you have made it, and so has your beloved Princess. Now I know you want no harm done to her, and neither do I, so call of your giant and she'll live.", "Prove to me your going to keep your word.", replied Link. Mario throws Zelda to the ground and slices Link's head with his sword, "Is that proof enough?". And so their battle begins, violent slices and clanging of metal. Mario delivers a fierce blow that strikes Link against the leg, and Link strikes Mario's head with the hilt of his sword, and so they go, fighting just as they had before, except this time Link had hope, Link KNEW he could defeat Mario, and so he did. Link had done a roll maneuvering Mario's blade with Mario's back to him Link delivered a mighty kick, one that knocked Mario on the ground and disarmed him. Then Link, with sword raised, prepared to deliver the final blow, to avenge his fallen friend, then he swung his sword down with all his might. Then as Mario looked up with a puzzled look upon his face he asked, "W...Why didn't you kill me?", "Because I will not sink to your level.", replied Link. Then he turned and walked toward his princess, "Zelda, I have arrived to rescue you.", "Finally I am free from his imprisonment!", replied Zelda, "Not quite, my dear.", said Mario. And then he leaped from the floor and charged Link, Link blindly waved his sword, and then heard Mario scream in pain as his severed hand hit the ground. Then Link left him there bleeding and in pain, he took Zelda and proceeded out to a nearby balcony, where they had a clear view of Valus still destroying the castle grounds, "I must stop him.", said Link, "NO! You just returned to me, I WON'T lose you again.", replied Zelda, "I MUST stop him!", said Link and then he climbed to the highest point of the castle and screamed towards the mighty giant. Then as the giant approached him ever so slowly Link screamed, "Stop this! Stop this destruction!", then as Valus raised his club, Link prepared for the worse, but then Valus just dropped his club upon the ground and proceeded back to the forest.
Chapter 15: And so after the defeat of Mario, order was once restored to the Mushroom Kingdom, the people were happy again and the destruction caused by Valus was fixed in no time. As for Mario, he was thrown in the dungeon where he will stay until the end of his days. And Link, well, he decided after the restoration of the Mushroom Kingdom that he would stay and rule the Kingdom alongside his love Zelda, and so he did. But however, what he did not realize was that Mario's brother Luigi, escaped during the attack, and Luigi was angry, he deserved the throne and he would do anything to take it.

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