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God could be everywhere
What if God was one of us? This is the first line from the chorus of the popular song “One of Us” by Joan Osborne that hit me, which made me decide to write something out of this great piece of music while listening to it. Isn't it awesome if God is actually with us and doing the regular things we normally do? Imagine the life people had before wherein they had spoken directly to God or had experienced that moment wherein they had actually talked and walked along with Jesus. Only few people had acknowledged this great privilege on those days, a special right that we wanted so badly nowadays wherein our world is in great chaos. A time that we yearn for a hero who can rescues us from anguish, defends us from harm, heals us from our sickness, and comforts us in the midst of tragedy.

What if God "really" was one of us? Like, eating in a restaurant among people from all walks of life, or taking a bus on a regular day, or you happen to come across him in a shopping mall, or he sits next to you in a movie house and so on so forth. I wonder how people would react, in the same way on how He would respond in return. Would it be like any normal acquaintances like that of friends who hug and kiss each other? Or meeting your celebrity crush for the first time? Or being introduced to a prominent individual? Maybe meeting God in person (if ever that is possible) is more than seeing your favorite celebrity. He is far greater than being just important. No word can ever describe how great He is above all things. He's the grandest, magnificent, holy and incomparable that had ever existed in the history of mankind. It has been said that He lives in each and every one of us, so anybody whom we come across could be God himself. So let's not be so harsh to others, because we might be doing the same to Him. Let's simply spread the love and peace our world needs. ♥♥♥

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