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Chris Welling discovers his father's secret to build a machine to act as God over mankind
Kyle stood, watching his employees arrive one by one. Each employee had an excitement in their eyes, waiting for the time to start the test. It had been in the break room calendar for a little over a month. Each person had a job to do, but the bulk of the work was on the machine. An entire room, the size of a gymnasium, housed the equipment. This was years in the making. Kyle Welling had quit over the government's lack of action, and now he would have to act for them.

He stood on a small platform, and the room fell silent.

"For most of you who have been under my employ for the past four years, this has been a long journey. We have finally reached the beginning. For those of you under recent employ, I thank you for your expertise in the required fields. Those of Social Networking, Information Technology and Systems, Psychology, Linguistics, Law, Philosophy, and Religion, I thank you for giving Him a brain. Those in Charity, Volunteer Organizations, and Activism, I thank you for giving Him a heart." He paused, reading the anxiousness in the air. "All of you should know, we have created a being, but in order for this to work, we all know the sacrifices that need to be made. We must not let our pride and ambition get in the way of Him. Let us begin."


Jerry Long woke. He sat up and peered over to the doorway. "Hello?" His ears vibrated, confusing his senses.
"Oh it's just Jerry again, Bill. He probably had a nightmare." Jerry stumbled, then finally made it to the door. "Mom is that you?" Ann was halfway up the stairs and paused. She rushed the rest of the way to see Jerry in the hallway. She used sign, asking if Jerry was ok. "I heard something." She went pale. "Can you hear me, son?" Jerry smiled. "Yes, and I had this amazing dream."


"Funny what technology can do, isn't it Kyle? It took us all weekend to rig their house with those frequency transmitters."
Kyle smiled. "Yes Morgan. But now they believe!" Morgan frowned in puzzlement. "In what, though?"
He stared at the screen. "In miracles."


"We have our colleague in the small town of Guntersburg, Tennessee, with the latest on a developing story..."

"Thanks Tom. Last night a  man named Jerry, in this home here behind me, began hearing again
after becoming deaf at the age of 6. No one has been able to figure out why, and some folks are calling it a miracle.

"I just, um, I woke up, you know. Had this sensation in my head, and almost felt sick, like I was seasick or something.
Then came a slight pain, like, uh, deep inside my ears. A scraping. Before I woke up, I had this dream.
They were images of me helping people, touching them and healing them. I think God did this."

Kyle looked over to Morgan. "How are the nanobots?" "Fine. They are ready to take on new hosts, once Operation Olive begins.
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