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Neighbour cats
When it snarls in fear,
I know why it got the nickname 'scaredy cat'.
And pussy you are welcome to sneak in
coz your owner doesn't feed you well,
yet when you guys
have those dating ritual occasions
right under my bedroom window
I can't sleep with all your
late night partying yowling and meaowing piercing noises., that is unless me and my man are having a late night fun too.
Ah but I love you rubbing youself on my leg in a way
that makes your master jealous.
I have a thing for clean fat cats and I love tossing them leftovers and scraps.
I don't know what neigbour owner calls her but I like to call her Nala (from disney) . Ah but lately she has begun squeezing in through any door or window left open and she even raided the cream atop the milk.!
I love her emerald green eyes that go fluorescent in the dark. Can't keep them as pets since I can't manage their frequent litters and their waste disposal. So that better be looked after by their owner ha ha.
When i had a large garden in S.A, my maiden home, we used to keep quite a few stray cats, and I named them Darius, a persian breed, Uniba a personal favorite snow white cat, Garfield, a gold- auburn hued bully cat and cleopa short for cleopatra, a grey striped cat. They did respond well to their new names.
But I donot prefer black cats and never encourage them. They are scary to me and I'm a scaredy cat lass. Besides black cats have witchcraft associations so I keep my distance.
Mew mew mew I don't bite too so i welcome new human friends too. I'm very amiable, you see.
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