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Sources of life - a gift from those who tend nature.
Well Watered Gardens

By Kenword

In Lily's gardens, pumpkins and berries grow
Dandelions send forth their last parachute seeds
She weeds, waters, and prays to show
A faith that glows with her loving deeds.

None are hungry when garden water flows
When the savory sun in September feeds
Plants growing in plots where Lily sows
Sweet life stirs the earth with the love it needs

A hummingbird nuzzles a succulent bloom
near the edge where trellised nasturtiums bed
Fountains bathe fruited plants in costume
Adorned in cranberry, gold, purple and red.

Lily's market is a lush meadow of flowers
Her patrons the homeless hosts of the woods
Children dance in her grand gardens for hours
Wispy waifs wearing brightly colored hoods.

Squirrels, Flickers and Jays harvest Lily's left-overs
Slipping precious stores under first snow's covers
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