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Natural disaster hits earth...

Word count: 2, 957

Fireball in the Sky

The warnings have been clear, except not everyone believed in the truth of their words. Evil, fear, rape, and pillaging have been let loose on the earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Where did these things come from? The creator gave the humans the gift of free will choice. This gift gave them the freedom to create evil and create evil they did. Evil is so strong right now on the planet, the gift of love has been greatly misunderstood; little do they know that love is a greater power than evil. Most have not even bothered to experiment and find out for themselves the truth. Instead they rely on the past generations to be correct in the knowledge they have obtained, using the reasoning that the elders are the knowledgeable ones; this is not so when their information is tainted with evil. There are a few who have found the strength within themselves to experiment with evil and love; the results have been mind blowing. Unfortunately, when it comes to the truth, many do not want to hear it because they have already lived their life ignoring it. There are other unseen forces that are constantly influencing all of us on a regular basis.

Prophecy has foretold, a time when everyone and everything is getting crowded, when everything is to get completely consumed in evil; this is the time that the planet will be cleansed. That time is now; there are a few who have through experiments of their own found a way to heal the planet. Many humans have not understood their true purpose. A war has been fought for hundreds of thousands of years on the planet earth with an invisible force to most and only a few have what people call the gift; reality everyone should see the invisible beings. These beings are ones we call the dead. When a human has finished living on the physical plane they leave the body behind and their soul goes to their true home in the spirit world. There is no such thing as death really because the body is just a vehicle and the soul is our true essence of being.

Violet stands at the lookout window with her twenty year old green camouflage and black binoculars given to her by her grandfather. Without taking her eyes off of the spectacular show, her right tanned hand reaches out for her hand radio. Bringing the radio up to her mouth, Violet pushed the talk button and says, "It is starting!"

She turns herself back to her post in front of the window and watches the beautiful scene before her. The fire meteors, gliding across the clear blue sky, criss crossing each other, like they are dancing across the sky. Deceived by the beauty and witnessing the destruction they bring, taking out random chucks of the earth with no rhyme or reason. This is what many have predicted as the coming of the end of the world; the truth is there is no such thing. The creator has designed the planet to replenish herself on almost every level; as long as there are pieces of the planet that survive, life can be reborn again.

Violet hears soft footsteps coming up behind here and while she is still looking through her binoculars at the spectacular show she says, "Clyde, you really need to work on your sneak attack." Turning her body around to face him and looking at him, in his chocolate brown eyes, saying, "You are going to get yourself killed, if you are using that skill out in the field."

Clyde stands six foot two, with dark brown hair and says, "Violet, should you be watching your post? So easily distracted."

Blushing with embarrassment, she looks defiantly at Clyde and says, "Do you have a reason for being here, besides being a pain?"

"I am here to get a verbal report of your findings."

As Violet hands over her binoculars to Clyde she explains, "You can see for yourself here. There are many orange-yellow, fire ball meteorites. They seem to be landing at random and taking out anything that is in their path. When they land, leaving a hole the size of New York City. There does not seem to be anything else to report, except I suggest everyone stay inside for the duration of this meteor shower."

Violet puts her right hand out and Clyde seems reluctant to give the binoculars back. He says, "I know these meteors are dangerous...whoa, that one just took out the main road out of here."

"Were you gonna say, they are pretty? Truth is they are pretty dangerous. Clyde I need my binoculars back. Now!" Violet takes them out of Clyde's hands. "Now, do you have your report?

"Yes. Cya later Violet," turning around and walking away he puts his arm up in the air and waves goodbye.

After Clyde disappears, Violet went back to her post watching through her binoculars. An interesting thing, the meteorites seem to be getting closer to the compound. Shaking nervously, she grabs the hand radio for the second time and says, "They are in sight and coming closer." As she went to put the radio back on the ledge to her right, she sees something. Focussing on the area, she feels that it could be someone out there and it looks like someone crawling, like a wounded animal in distress. Grabbing the hand radio again, she says, "Is there someone who can take my place? Can I also get a medic bag?"

A rough voice comes over responding, "Violet, details on what is happening there, please."

"I think there is someone out there and it looks like the person is injured."

"You understand that it is dangerous and we do not expect you to do this. It must be done on your free will," the responding voice sounds worried.

"I understand, that is why I could not ask another to go. No one else has been watching sky like I have to know the danger that is out there. We leave no man behind whether they are one us or not."

"Understood. Just wanted to make sure you are using your free will in your decision. Sean will be there momentarily to take your place." Calm and concerned, the voice says, "Violet, take care and return safe with your friend. We will be waiting."

"Thanks Chief. Sean is here. We will be back soon." Violet puts the hand radio down as she says to the medium build attractive man entering the room, "Hi, Sean. You have my bag?"

As Sean hands the brown shoulder bag over to Violet, he responds, "Yep. Here you go. Heard you are going on a suicide mission."

"I am going to save a life. Thanks for the bag." Violet puts the shoulder bag on her shoulder and across her chest. She walks confidently, out of the compound into the outside. The smell was the first thing that hit her. It smelled like burnt flesh and it made her stomach queasy; she stopped eating meat five years ago and she can't stand the smell of cooked meat anymore. As an afterthought, she undid the flap on the bag and checked to make sure she had at least a radio and some water. Seeing that she is prepared, Violet takes off toward the south in the direction she saw the person in distress.

Walking through the grass toward the trees, she noticed that all the animal life has left. This is not surprising under the circumstances. Watching the meteorites still raining down on us and wondering how long this show will keep up. As, Violet entered the woods she heard something that sounded like crying. She yells out, "Hello! Hello! My name is Violet; I have come to help you. Where are you?"

"I am right here. Please help me. Do you see my arm?"

Looking around, Violet sees some movement to her left and walks toward it. As she approaches the women, she takes the bag off of her shoulder. Opening the bag, she gets out some water and hands it to the woman and says, "Are you ok? I spotted you through my binoculars and you seem to..." The woman's injury shocked her. It looked like someone had melted her leg with black charred bits around the edges and yellow puss oozing in different areas of the wound. Taking a deep breathe she says in a soft voice, "What happened to you?"

The injured woman with sweaty black shoulder length hair and violet eyes looks up at her rescuer and says, "I was travelling with my boyfriend, Todd. We thought today would be a good day to go for a hike. Let me tell ya, it was the worst idea. When we set out, the sky was a clear blue with no cloud in sight. As we hiked on this trail about an hour from the car that is when the fireball show started. We didn't have any warning for the first swarm. The first one hit Todd and burned him to nothing and because I was so close to him, the flames jumped onto my leg and seared my flesh. Thank you so much for finding me out here. I had no idea what I should do since I can't walk far by myself and have no food or water for survival. My name is Gretta," she puts her hand out towards Violet.

Violet approaches Gretta and takes her hand in a firm shake and says, "My name is Violet. Let me see what I can do here." Gretta's leg looks terrible. It looked like she had set herself on fire. The oozing puss was the worst part of it and the smell. It was the smell when Violet had first walked outside. Looking up with concern, "This will hurt. It is best for you to scream and let all your emotion out while I work on you. There is a reason for the pain which I will explain when I am done here. I will be as gentle as possible." Taking a deep breathe she started the task of cleaning the wound.

The most deafening scream came out of Gretta and continued the whole time Violet worked. After she did all she could do, she explained, "Gretta, this is all I can do for you physically for your leg. The chances of getting you to a hospital are slim. There is one other thing we can try. It will only work if you want it to; all I can do is guide you through the process. I will explain and then you can decide. Unless you have another idea because I do not know what else to do."

Gretta turned away from Violet to get her thoughts together. After a moment of time she turned back and looked Violet in the eye and said, "I would like to hear what you have to say. There are no other options at this point."

Sitting down next to Gretta, Violet begins saying, "This will sound strange. All I ask is you hear me out till I have explained things, then make a decision." Taking a moment to get her thoughts together she sees that more fireballs are starting to fall again, there is not much time. "Everything in this world is controlled by Universal Laws. Most people think the man-made Laws are supreme; we have been deceived in this teaching of life. At the same time we have also accepted these Laws and do not question things very often. For the few that have questioned, they fairly quickly disappear and are never heard from again. I have discovered a way to heal you and will explain how it works. Your injury is on the left leg and the left side of your body deals with men issues and the other side woman issues. Now, are you still in pain?"

Gretta looks up weakly with sweat glistening her round olive face and says in a hoarse voice, "Yes, very much."

"Where the pain is, feel the emotion associated with your leg. The reason you have pain is because there are emotions built up inside of you that need to come out, so you can feel more love. There can be no pain when you release these emotions. Are you willing to try?"

Closing her eyes and feeling inside herself for guidance in making her choice, Gretta opens her eyes and says, "Yes, I will try. There is nothing else to do. I have mixed feelings about this because this is new for me. Have you tried this method of healing yourself?"

"Yes, I have. Not for your specific condition. My right knee had pain and tissue damage for over twenty-three years. Using this method I was able to heal myself and nothing else I have tried worked. The reason why this is, is because the cause is emotional for all our injuries and pain in our bodies. Pain only exists so we know what emotion we have inside us to release. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

"No. If you can help me get rid of this pain, you are my new best friend," Gretta says with a smile.

"Ok. Let's begin. When you feel the pain, what do you feel?"

Taking a moment to feel herself. Gretta responds, "It feels so strong with a burning sensation, like a throbbing with it. I am not sure why, out of nowhere I have all this anger."

"Very, good. Feel the anger. You do not want to live in the anger just let the anger wash through you, is the best way to describe it. After you feel that more should come."

Sitting there on the grass, feeling the anger and then she just broke down in uncontrollable sobbing. After some time past Gretta looked up at me with her tear stained face and asks, "Did I do it right?"

"How do you feel?"

Surprising that majority of the pain had left her and also with a confused look, she said, "Majority of the pain is gone. How come they do not teach us this trick in normal life? To be honest, I was not sure at all about what you were saying. Now that I have experienced it I can understand your hesitation to explain this to anyone. It did sound like a crazy idea at first."

"Excellent. The reason why I did this here is because with other people around it is harder for you to go through the process. Also, it would make it easier for the hike back for you. Take a look at your leg."

Gretta looked down with no expectations and she lowered her jaw in shock. She looked at Violet and her leg, then back to Violet again. In a shaky voice, she said, "My leg. Have you seen it? It has already started healing. The charred bits are gone and so is the pus. What is this?"

"All pain and injury are caused by emotions. Most here on earth try to treat people on the effects instead of the cause. All that does is trick the body that the illness or pain is healed. We need to get moving. I am glad you feeling better. Let's see if you can walk."

Violet stood up and put the medic bag around her shoulder, turning to her left stooped down to take Gretta's hand to pull her up. Gretta was a little bit shaky on her injured leg and put some pressure on it, slowly at first. As her confidence grew she started to take a few steps and then turned to Violet. "This is seriously, a good trick. I can walk with very little pain."

As the women are moving through the woods towards the compound, Violet says, "Let's go. If you continue the same process we went through you should be able to be completely healed fairly soon. The reason why it worked so quickly is because you are open to the process, not everyone has the same results. Beside you did all the work."

Avoiding a large Maple tree that has fallen both women left the forest and made their way towards the compound. Watching the meteorites over their heads they quickly make it to shelter. As soon as they entered Sean was there waiting and says, "It is about time. Violet, you guys almost..."

The floor started shaking and threw everyone to the ground. Violet gets up and takes control, saying, "Follow me, even if you have to crawl. It is time to go underground."

Gretta and Sean followed down on all fours to the secret underground facility. Pieces of wood, cement, books and other items were being thrown about like this is the earthquakes playground now. This time has been predicted and spoken about for many centuries. Every prediction of the timing of these devastating events, so far in humanity has been wrong. Humans have not been in tune with the earth and because of this, their logic in these things cannot be accurate. As a result, they have also been out of tune with themselves. Instead of doing what is desired the popular view of what is accepted in society has taken over like a wild fire. Only those who know the ways of the earth can even begin to properly know these things. It is too late for many. There is hope for a select group if people with the connection to the earth and themselves. One group lies together huddled in an underground bunker waiting for when they can resurface.

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