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Beached muse
Comb the beach for surprises,
human leftovers and hidden mobile claws (of crabs) in the gold platinum sand beaches.
Lost and never found sequins and hairpins
Lots of lost and found that I, not their owners find.
Beach combers oughtn't litter
or would it be beach sandcastles or jumbo bin, rubbish dump.

I live in the city of Dar es salaam, built upon the Coastal plains.
When I play on the shores of the Indian Ocean here, which stretches as far as my motherland India, I fantasize sending ripples with my feet in the briny ocean., all the way to my parents in India.

The vast shoreline and oceanic beauty offers a breathtaking view and makes me think how God Almighty is bigger than all that and yet feels so near.

Haven't met a more creative Creator than Him. Have you? I mean one who created the massive galaxies, planets and oceans and much much more. Ah, I merely gaze and take in the horizons, the moon and the sky and say to myself, try as they might, no one could come an inch closer to revising or copying all what this Intelligent Designer has created singlehandedly and without aid.
My setting for this muse was the Indian Ocean, a beach whose name and aquatic panaroma enthralls me ever since I set foot upon this land more than a decade ago.

Strolling on the beach sands I think to myself, yeah the great famous scientist Isaac Newton must have stood on a beach like this, yet humbled before knowledge since after all that he discovered, all the laws of science he observed and formulated which are applicable and used todate, yet still he equated his discoveries to a boy playing with a mere pebble on the beach while the ocean of knowledge lay undiscovered. And quite unlike some of the atheistic men of science that followed and who merely built upon his findings and furthered them a bit yet think they could play God and rival Him! All the great scientists were not athiests. It's only the mere hypothetical surmise theorists who tend to be atheists. True knowledge leads to humbleness before God and kindness to His creatures. Faked, show off , shallow knowledge and adamance leads to arrogance before God and people.

Yes, the beach brings me much muse and so I share. Studying scientific facts and pondering them is what is real exploring. Endlessly theorising without any empirically provable conclusions is unscientific, whimsical and irrational.

I then step into the aquamarine waters, the low tide gently frothing at my feet, right in my long collyrium hued apparel garb since I'm a young lady and it would be Islamically incorrect to let men ogle at my legs if I bared them for all and sundry. I don't mind my flowing garb getting wet since that is my protective gear against leery looks.
Time slips away too fast in sand and water beachcombing, like sands in an hourglass and then busybee me is led away by my man to drier land and home sweet home. Yeah with one whose ogling doesn't cause harm, and what from him I don't mind....

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