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My opinion on the name of the Washington Redskins
My Two Cents

I am not even a REDSKIN FAN, and I am going to buy me some REDSKIN paraphernalia! However, if this is the stance that we must take, then, I am also offended by the name Dallas Cowboys. Cowboys slaughtered American Indians all across America and they make no apology for that. OH, "COWBOYS" were mostly WHITES killing Indians, and that name reminds everybody of their glory. So, why is there no big stink about that?

YES, the word ‘Redskins” can be derogatory, but then it is derogatory to the American Indians because it was COINED BY WHITES WHO SYSTEMATICALLY KILLED AMERICAN INDIANS AND TOOK THEIR LAND. So, to be FAIR, let's get rid of both, and I will save my money and not buy any REDSKIN paraphernalia. (NOTE: I would be more angry about idolizing a name with “Cowboys” in it than with “Redskins.”) Redskins was a word used to depict the color of the American Indians’ skin. Cowboys, in many cases, were ruthless and heartless in slaughtering American Indians.

I wish the Washington Post, WUSA 9, and others would stop using every “get with” scheme in America to impose their views on others. When it was not politically correct or fashionable, they used the Washington Redskins NAME to sell papers, promote fundraisers, and a host of other things that resulted in making them rich. HOW ABOUT THOSE SUPER BOWL WINS? HOW ABOUT THOSE “HOGS?”

Check the Washington Post newspaper sales for the three super bowls won by the Washington Redskins. Three Times, The Washington Redskins have won 3 Super Bowls, after the 1982, 1987, and 1991 seasons. All were won under Hall of Fame head coach Joe Gibbs, and all with different quarterbacks (Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien). Interestingly, the first 2 Super Bowls wins came after player strikes interrupted the regular season.

Recently, the Post has decided to become politically correct and not use this disparaging name. Too little, too late. Why didn't the Post make this decision when the Redskins were at the height of their glory. Or even a few years ago when RG3 was so "hot" everything he touched turned into gold? Now, is like kicking a dog when its down or is it the dog that is being kicked or dollars flowing better from some of the casinos off the reservations and into Washington?

One will never know! My two cents, and I value it as much as I do those coming from all of the news pundits that really don’t give a you know what about the name, and know that this frenzy is only going to drive up the prices and value of OWNING a piece of “REDSKIN” paraphernalia, and next month, they will be onto something else.
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