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Prefering poverty to riches, suffering to pleasures and death to life.+
    The Birth of the Virgin Mother of Jesus is celebrated on September 8.
    In the fourth century Jerusalem a feast of her birth was celebrated at
    the Church of Saint Ann and has been celebrated in the Church of Rome;
    inspired by God's plan for salvation of the world through the Virgin Marry.

    "O Marry , you are blessed
    for the mysteries of the prophets
    are fulfilled in you.

    You were in the burning bush
    and in the cloud that Moses saw;
    You were on the ladder rising up to heaven
    that Ezechiel saw;
    You were in the ark of the covenant,
    that David saw.

    At your birth these mysteries
    are fulfilled.

    Glory to the Father, who sent his
    only son through you."

                          (Adapted from an early Syrian text.)

  In the year of Emperor Henry IV , Fr. Tankelin preached against the deitification of
  the Mother of Jesus. He also denied the hypostatic union of the Eucharist.
  Father Tankelin appeared at Antwerp to establish a new reality of the Priesthood.
  He was confronted by Bishop Norbert, who united the fervor of the people and
  burned Father Tankelin at an old oak tree.  A tree that had been a Druid shrine to
  Jupiter. Norbert bade his Priests ~

              "Scriptures forbids us to tolerate evil. Let us put our faith in God:
                                            He will save our souls."

  Bishop Norbert was elevated to Sainthood for his work of reform on June 6, 656
  after his death at 53... "At the moment of his death they saw his soul borne up by
  Angels in a pathway of light; and the gates of heaven opened before them, a voice
  repeated twice , "Enter now, my friend.'"

  Reflections: Religious executions of heretics cannot be tolerated in the 21st century.
                      But, can we deny the sacred?  What is of Caesar and what is God's?

  Just Curious,

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