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My feeling and thought as I was scrolling through Facebook this morning.
Facebook friends, family and acquaintances, just want to say I enjoy reading and seeing people who are out having a good time and enjoying life. I don't allow myself to get jealous or envious, just joy. Please, don't take your health for granted, thank God for each moment he has Blessed you, with health, ability to do fun activities and great family and friends to enjoy life with.
I hope, no ask, that you will take a moment out of each day to thank God for your blessings, and say a prayer for those of us who no longer have the physical ability to go out and enjoy the world. I am actually one of the lucky suffers with multiple "invisible illnesses". I know there are many others who are worse off than me.

But, sometimes I can't see through my depression and physical limitations to remind myself that I am still fortunate. Please pray for people struck down with illnesses, and please don't judge them by outside appearances just believe them, that means so much to a person with any illness but mainly those with "invisible illnesses"

When people see me they see a person who looks just fine, but, they don't know I woke up this morning stiff and filled with pain, they don't realize I took pain medication before I left home to go shopping or to a family event, they don't know I probably went to the bathroom and used my inhaler to help me breath normally, they don't know that dressing has to be planned out and I have to think about how I will get each article of clothing on, they don't know that walking to the mailbox leaves me breathing like I just ran a marathon, they don't know that when I do dishes I have to take a break in the middle of this chore because I get short of breath and my low back brings awful pain my legs hurt horribly and cramp up my feet burn with pain, they don't know that a shower is a job for me and completely drains me of energy. Please, don't judge people by what you see on the outside, love each,help each other and pray for one another.
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